Microsoft Considering Making WP and Windows RT License Free to get to Lower Price Points

| December 11, 2013 | 27 Replies

DSC01507One reason why OEM’s prefer Android over WP is the fact that it’s provided to them free of charge from Google, meaning they don’t have to pay any licensing fees to sell an Android device (which is why it’s popular with smaller companies: Micromax, Oppo, ZTE etc.). The fact that Microsoft charge a licensing fee for their OS (be it WP or RT or Windows), leads to a huge increase in the device cost, especially for tablets and PCs when the added price of Microsoft Office is bundled on.

It seems Microsoft however are considering removing their licensing structures from some versions of Windows Phone and Windows RT in the future. According to the Verge once RT and WP start to get closer (threshold update); we might see Microsoft remove their licensing fees. Instead they will rely on in-app ads and search ads to generate some of that income back (think of Kindle-Comes with ads). as well as pushing more subscription based services (such as skydrive, office and Skype). This of course should help lower the WP price-point even further; and compete against low-end Androids, which might actually be good now with the Kit-Kat update.

Do you guys think in app ads and sponsored search results are worth a cheaper price point? Sound off down below.



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