Report: 8.3″ Nokia RT Tablet Codenamed “Illusionist” Cancelled.

| December 16, 2013 | 141 Replies

IllusionistAccording to a reliable source close to Nokia, we can confirm that Nokia were working on an 8.3″ version of the 10.1″ Lumia 2520. However for reasons unknown this product has been cancelled. The 8.3″ RT tablet code-named illusionist was originally slated for a Q1 release/announcement said the source; before being cancelled by the executives. The specs for the device were said to be very similar to the Lumia 2520, with a Snapdragon 800 quad core processor, and similar camera module and possibly even screen resolution (but with an obviously higher pixel density due to the smaller screen).

At the current time we haven’t been able to find out why the “illusionist” was cancelled, but we are confident that the source is reliable. So it seems at the current time the Lumia 2520 might be Nokia’s only offering to the modern tablet industry…



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  1. edi_Opteron says:

    First things first, very nice design! MNB looks very modern now ;)

    I bet illusionist was cancelled to reduce any acquisition confusion as the device should be branded as Nokia or not.
    as todays EVleaks’ tweet for Lumia 929 may explains a bit.

    btw Ali, those three dots at the end of the article means a world … Yeah.

  2. Apostolis Vlv says:

    I don’t believe it, Nokia was working for this tablet 5 months at least. It produce enough nokia 2020 it not able to stop it!

  3. says:

    me thinks ms cut it.

    • Apostolis Vlv says:

      Maybe, but the deal don’t close (people in all over the world want it).

    • Noki says:

      I like your new name ;) me is way better than ms

    • Andy says:

      Me think the same… Probably, we can see that as Surface 3.

    • Janne says:

      Now I find it possible that strategy alignment with Microsoft is starting as shareholder and EU approval has been received. I think Normandy is a good candidate for cancellation, it was a hedge bet on not being able/choosing not to sell low-end business.

      Illusionist… Now, a good question whether or not that would be cancelled in favor of a Surface. It might also be for a number of other reasons.

      • Random Random says:


        Normandy is a good candidate for cancellation, but there are lots of reasons why Microsoft or Nokia might want to develop a product like that.

        The future will tell.

        This is something we can’t know without insider information or without a crystal ball.

        • Noki says:

          what you don’t know???… the expert of randomness future projections with a….crystal ball…. does not know ???? your loosing it

          • Random Random says:

            Are you sure you aren’t just angry for me?


            Enjoy life.

            It’s not good for you to be so annoyed.

            • Noki says:

              I’m not angry with you you are to funny for that.
              seriusly you are entertaining, seeing you sin any argument into a pontlis loop into saying NOKIA WAS DOOOOOMED AND IT BROUGHT WP ALONG WITH IT To its demise..

              • Random Random says:


                Maybe you should try to relax.

                • Noki says:

                  sure :) I’m relaxed, and extremely entertained,
                  seriously I’m way pass the point of being aggravated with your ignorance. there is a point wen any one can realise you are here with an intention, (that you fail at BTW). after that point it becomes just entertaining seeing you trying to spin arguments around… from that magic tumbling machine you call a brain…

                  But keep at it, its highly entertaining :) hehheh

                  • Random Random says:


                    You are here to promote Nokia’s old strategy.

                    I really wonder why.

                    • Noki says:

                      hee call it a grudge I have with Redmond.
                      Nokia is just another Victim of Embrace, extend and extinguish,_extend_and_extinguish :)

                      also I had many personal friends that had to remake their life’s because of this Microsoft methodology… It affected-me personally once in another very similar setup as the NOKIA story.

                      but what about you what is your story?

                    • Random Random says:


                      So it seems that you are just bitter because Nokia failed?

                      My reason for doing this?

                      I want to find out what happened. The best way to do it is to talk about it. I will believe if you have real arguments explaining why something happened.

                    • GordonH says:

                      “The best way to do it is to talk about it. ”
                      let me rephrase
                      “The best way is to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat 50 times about it in one article”

        • capedonut says:

          It looks like android is now being pushed to the sub $50 price range. Asha might not in the long run be the answer, so normandy could still live

          • Random Random says:

            Yes it is.

            What do you think would have happened if Nokia tried to compete those cheap Android phones with Symbian devices?

            That wouldn’t have ended too well.

            • Noki says:

              you little reality spinier you.

              remind us again how did nokia ended up any way?

              what is the point of your silly hypothetical reality predictions wen confronted with reality????

              OOO right to point out that Nokia was DOOOOOOOMED ANY WAY, and poor WP had no chance with a bad brand as NOKIA… Riiiiiight.

              now…. cue in Random answer that has very litle to do anything but gives the random last word we need to have ;)

              • Random Random says:


                You astroturfers like to claim how Nokia would have succeeded with MeeGo.

                I wonder who is paying you for doing that.

                At least I can reason. That’s something you can’t do.

                • Noki says:

                  OMG HILARIOUS YOU are HILARIOUS :D HAHAHHAHAHAHAH.. Honest to God this days you are the main reason for me visiting MNG. SO entertaining with your smoke screens hahahhahaa

                  Really astroturfer me ??? hahahhahahahahahahaha…

                  • Random Random says:


                    You rarely have anything to say and you just told us that people you know were forced to rearrange their lives because of Nokia failing on mobile phones.

                    That pretty much gives you the motive to praise the old strategy even while there is no real reason to do so.

            • capedonut says:

              I once tried a symbian phone and didn’t like it :)

  4. JGrove303 says:

    Awww, DAMN IT!

  5. linkin says:

    I guess this was not the only.project nokia cancelled,i read in phonearena that the leaked nokia nomandy that was to run the forked andriod has been cancelled(makes sense to me cause i never understood the reason for that phone in the light of the MS deal).so MNB,you might wanna check that news out.

  6. Ellen says:

    Perhaps because Microsoft bought Nokia Devices and Services and don’t want Nokia to release a new tablet that can compete with the Surface tablets?

    Perhaps Microsoft will rebrand and launch this as a Surface tablet in the future.

  7. Pathetic says:

    its obvious Lumia 2520 a faill seller why burn more money releasing another faill seller

    • tootie says:

      Not surprised given the distribution method. This should have been released without 3G capabilities and sold at all carriers and internationally. Nokia needs to stop producing phones and devices for a specific carrier. Hopefully this will change with Microsoft.

      Pity, if true.

  8. D Harries says:

    I think Nokia make and cancel many phones. You gotta keep your options open.

  9. Douglas says:

    Low sales of 2520.

    • Matthew Paul says:

      It’s way too early for that to be the reason.

      The Lumia 2520 is only available in the US and the Uk. The latter, where it only went on sale on the 4th of December.

      Guess again.

  10. Paul says:

    With the takeover approved in US and EU Nokia Devices and services will start working towards the takeover. As we expect an 8″surface early next year the Nokia tablet is obviously not a priority at best.

    • Matthew Paul says:

      Microsoft didn’t buy the devices and services division to then go and discard its work and existing roadmap for their own.

      It’s obvious that the devices and services division is the priority, hence, a product being cancelled so as to integrate the existing roadmaps, and improve the product lineup.

      Only time will tell what branding Microsoft uses and what the end result is.

  11. v.s.i says:

    I don’t even know why they released the 2520 in the first place.

    But, hats off, Nokia has long been in the habit of releasing one-of-a-kind devices with no perceivable future whatsoever: 808, N9, Lumia 2520, even N900 and the 501; with features that if only implemented in the right product at the right time would have made another history altogether.

    I honestly don’t know what went so wrong with these guys. It’s like in the Finnish metal ballads where you willingly walk to suicide, but instead of jumping from the edge of the building you first stop to slit your veins, then inject yourself some air bubbles and finally bang your head on every balcony on the way down.

  12. manu says:

    anyway its gonna fail so better cancel it 8inch full windows 8 tablets like venue pro or toshiba is available at good price.

  13. manu says:

    i wonder whether that fork android device is also gonna be cancelled ?

  14. dss says:

    Yes, Microsoft is stepping in :)

  15. Carbontubby says:

    Nokia, MicroKia or MS or whatever will have a hard time selling these 8″ ARM-based Windows RT tablets when proper Intel Atom-based Windows 8 tablets are so cheap. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is a bit over $300 while other similar Lenovo and Acer 8″ tablets are priced near that too, with battery life and performance being close to ARM RT variants.

    Why would anyone settle for locked-down RT when you can run full Windows instead? Someday Microsoft needs to get its head out of its behind and figure out what to do with the collective mess that is Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows Phone… seems to me there’s plenty of redundancy between those OSes that needs trimming.

    • dss says:

      Some people don’t need the desktop apps… in fact, if you look at the tablet market very few do. Most people consume content on their tablets, that’s why no one cares that you can’t do two things at the same time on a iPad.

      RT is fine.. no viruses to worry about, stable, fast, and it has a very good UX for a tablet. You can give it to your mom and you don’t have to worry about a thing..

      On the other hand, yes.. any Intel based Win8 is far superior than the ARM offerings.. things will get even better once they ship Cherry Trail. Windows 8 pro runs rather well on the current atoms, which is a pretty amazing achievement by Microsoft to be honest.. they’ve done a great job there.

      The Dell Venue PRo 8 and the Asus T100 are probably the best tablets in their price range.

      • Random Random says:

        The change has been quite fast.

        Back in early 2010 almost everyone was laughing at the idea of Apple releasing a high profile tablet. It really wasn’t something people though would be a smart thing to do.

        The comment sections were filled with people telling how tablets are not needed and how you could do everything and more with a mini laptop.

        Those people were the tech literate.

        Usually when someone is a tech literate he / or she doesn’t understand the real world use.

        This is not really intended for either of you, but it’s too common to read about people saying how something is intended for tech illiterates.

        Those people usually have no clue about what they are talking.

      • Carbontubby says:

        I’m a bit angry about all this because I’ve always wanted a full fledged ARM tablet or laptop. Windows RT could have been a big part of this, instead Microsoft turned it into a walled garden like iOS.

        Why did MS disable 3rd party desktop access for Windows RT when it’s available for Office? I don’t mind recompiling full Windows apps for ARM, or even dumping Windows for a proper Linux distro that supports ARM.

  16. GordonH says:

    are we going to get another 50 comments from RandomRandom ?
    The guy is so rude. Can’t blame someone for trying to do their job.

    • linkin says:

      Random random amazes me,he has an answer to every question and kind of never loses an arguement..sometimes u are forced to think hes an animated robot jus typin all day long…

      • Noki says:

        No he does not have an answer, he has a spin that he loops around, example If an argument does not suit him he will just call the good ols symbian was doomed theory label it as fact and pretend it was a counterargument even if it had nothing to do with the original argument, next wen exposed for what he just done, he will counter with, something like “you are not using arguments like I am” its funny once you understand the pattern…

        And one last thing he MUST HAVE THE LAST SENTENCE… he is very rigorous about it..

      • Random Random says:


        As you can see, I’m not answering to every post or question. Just to those I have something to say about.

        Then again if you really think I never lose an argument, it’s only your imagination talking there. There are no winners or losers in a conversation. There is just talk.


        In a conversation people may find out what’s the truth or what happened to companies like Nokia, Google or Apple, but it’s not about winning.

        Commenting here in MNB just takes a small fraction of my time.

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