TC: “Why MS was forced to buy Nokia’s D&S”

| December 17, 2013 | 40 Replies

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An ‘interesting’ story from TechCrunch on why they believe MS was forced to buy Nokia. It’s been mentioned in discussions before as one of the reasons, which seemingly has appeared only recently to the author at TC (original story is only 5 hours old, I thought this might have been from September).

Since Nokia has over 90% share of WP, Lumia is a more popular brand than WP and Nokia has special privileges other manufacturers don’t (thus MS do not have full control).

It’s not mentioned but general conclusion is that the WP is pretty much Lumia and Lumia is Nokia. What if Nokia Lumia were suddenly go add an Android handset or worse, go Android only? WP goes back to being dead like it was before Nokia joined.

There’s of course more to this story. It’s not simply a case of MS wanting to buy stuff and they end up with it, but also the seller being in a position where they need to sell or can’t refuse to. And there’s other reasons for MS too.

Source: TechCrunch 

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