Jolla outsells iPhone 5S and 5C at Finnish DNA, 8/10 phones for Elisa Corporate customers were Nokia devices

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Janne’s got some good news perhaps for fans of Jolla. Over at DNA, it has become the 5th top selling phone, better than iPhone 5S and 5C. As usual, this being Finland, we have to consider the usual as we did for Nokia, which included 1) small population size 2) possible affinity for Finnish things. Having said that, the Finns have also been free to choose their top devices and hence how iOS and Android is so strong there.

Pasting this bit in from Janne’s tip.

Not that this means *anything*. :) But still a nice anecdote. DNA has also been an active supporter of the latest iDevices, even manning a booth for them at the DigiExpo fair, so it is rather surprising perhaps to see iPhone 5S/C so low on the list.

It would also suggest the amount of Jollas DNA received were, contrary to what Jolla led us believe (when appeasing pre-orderers who were angry at retails sales that began before their shipping), not insignificant.

Jolla was fifth on the list after:

1. Samsung Galaxy Trend
2. Samsung Galaxy Y
3. Samsung Galaxy S III 4G
4. Nokia Lumia 520

and before iPhone 5S on the sixth place and 5C at eight.

Apparently Jolla was also DNA’s number 1 selling phone in the price over 300 euros.

The 520 was the only Nokia phone in the top 10 for DNA. For Sonera and Elisa, there are four Nokias in their top 10.

For Elisa’s corporate customers, 8/10 were Nokia devices.

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  1. Bloob says:

    Good for them, perhaps. The phone isn’t really in a state that I would push to general populace yet.

    • Janne says:

      That is the worry in Finland for Jolla, yes. Through DNA they are somewhat pushing them to the general populace.

      It carries some risks, considering the self-appointed beta stage of the software.

      The hardware itself, in my opinion, is very nice. Perfectly sellable to general public.

      As always, it comes down to the software and the ecosystem – both areas where Jolla has some nice things in place, but really incomplete.

      • zlutor says:

        If HW is O.K. then they still have some hope, sw can be improved later. See N9 PR1.0 – that was also not too good. But we got PR1.3 quite quickly and that was O.K.

        So, let’s hope Jolla guys come up with SW updates quickly and then a new era could begin… ;-)

        • Janne says:

          Indeed, let’s hope.

          Honestly, though, Jolla software is far below N9 PR 1.0 in terms of completeness. The browser probably is the biggest problem. It is, in all honesty, unusable.

          Firefox helps somewhat, of course.

          …oh, how I miss MicroB though. ;) Ah, sorry, new years resolution…

          On the up and up, it can be expected Jolla is much more rapid in upgrading Jolla and will probably go many extra miles compared to where Nokia got with N9 (assuming the company has funding in place). Well, they really need to, too!

          • Random Random says:


            However N9 didn’t have Android compatibility.

            That made it impossible for N9 to have any reasonable application support.

            • zlutor says:

              To be more precise, N9 no official Android support (see Nitroid, e.g).

              On the other hand Alien Dalvik was rumored to come to N9 but Nokia decided not to go there.

              Yet an other nail in N9′s coffin. I tend to think somebody did whatever he can to make it fail… :-)

              • Random Random says:

                Everything can be rumored to be coming. Qt compatibility was rumored for iOS back in 2010 but it was nowhere near complete or usable.

                Nokia wasn’t planning Android compatibility for MeeGo before Elop. It just wasn’t supposed to happen.

                Besides, that would have killed the native Qt development.

                • Jason says:

                  They weren’t serious about iOS till very recently, there may have preliminary thought bubbles in 2010, but no serious work begun till ~2012 onwards.

                  “Nokia wasn’t planning Android compatibility for MeeGo before Elop. It just wasn’t supposed to happen.”

                  You can’t say that unequivocally, but that won’t stop you, never does…

                  • Random Random says:


                    Let’s put it this way.

                    How can you know there was a plan for Android compatibility? There certainly doesn’t seem to be any proof of that happening for out of the box MeeGo phones manufactured by Nokia.

                    • Jason says:

                      I don’t, I’m not claiming there was one, you’re claiming there wasn’t through guesstimation, the whole discussion is redundant.

                    • Random Random says:

                      I started that by saying that “However N9 didn’t have Android compatibility.” and that’s pretty much true.

                      That’s the point.

                      Do you understand the point?

                      The point is that Jolla has something N9 didn’t have at launch and didn’t have at a later time.

                      Get it?


                    • Jason says:

                      Yeah, & you also said:

                      “Nokia wasn’t planning Android compatibility for MeeGo before Elop. It just wasn’t supposed to happen.”

                      That’s when I 1st chimed-in, get it, yes?

                    • Random Random says:


                      There wasn’t Android compatibility on N9.

                      This is a fact.

                    • Jason says:

                      Well derr, that’s a fact of course…

                      But you also claimed there was never plans to roll it out *period*, as though you know that to be a fact.

                    • Random Random says:


                      Was there a plan?

                    • Jason says:

                      How should I or you know.

                    • Random Random says:

                      I should.

                      Maybe you shouldn’t.


                    • Jason says:

                      Nah you don’t, it’s impossible for you to unless you worked in the relevant department/s*, are you claiming you worked in one of them. You’ll need to reveal your real identity if you’re going to make that claim, & it’d need to be corroborated.

                      *even then all the facts would be limited to a subset of folks

                    • Random Random says:


                      So let’s stick with what everyone knows.

                      N9 didn’t have Android compatibility and it was never told to have that.

                      Then again, the native development would have been killed if there was Android compatibility.

                      Nokia just had bad choices.

                    • Jason says:

                      Nice try, but it doesn’t change the fact that your claim that “It was never planned” is NOT a fact.

                      There was LOTS of hints/leaks/rumours in the community at the time, you wouldn’t know as you’ve never been a member of that community.

                      It could’ve been canned very early on when it was little more than a concept, it could’ve never started at all, or it may have kept going right under out noses up until or after the N9 was released, we’ll never know.

                    • Random Random says:

                      It wasn’t.

                      There are lots of facts I’m never going to be able to prove for you.

                      Then again we have here in MNB some people who don’t believe even when proved. That makes it pointless in some cases.

                      There were also lots of rumors of N9 selling 1,75 million in the first quarter it was sold but that doesn’t make it true.

                    • Jason says:

                      That’s true, native dev would’ve been affected, it’s not a easy choice to make, but it’s the lesser of two bad options.

                      Other Qt devs have long argued otherwise, & they do so effectively, I’ve heard their arguments many times, but I’m still in the camp that doesn’t agree.

                    • Jason says:

                      So lets drop it, stop claiming something as fact when you know you can’t, that just shows some kind of impartiality.

                      If there’s anyone else here who’s made statements of fact like you but on the opposite side of the argument, let me know & I’ll gladly tell them they’re being dcks too.

                    • Random Random says:


                      You can start from Noki.

                      He likes to claim 2 million sold N9s as a fact.

                      He also likes to claim that it would be an ok idea to distribute Android applications in native (Qt) code.

                      Those are hardly facts.

                      Then we have burning nkia jumper spreading opinions as facts.

                    • Jason says:

                      I’m not going to go after them on every point, remember, we’re only talking about the one point here, if they’ve made statements of fact about it, I’ll gladly “have at it”.

                    • Random Random says:

                      In the end of the day having Android compatibility on MeeGo was just something that was never announced to be planned.

                      That makes it pretty much irrelevant.

                    • Jason says:

                      In practical terms it may as well have been vapor, yes, but that still doesn’t mean it didn’t exist “full-stop”.

                      You’re (intentionally?) conflating those two things…

                      There may or MAY NOT have been real plans to have it released by launch, or shortly thereafter.

                    • noki says:

                      Hey idiotic lier I never made such claim it was an educated gestimate we made here not just me it’s the number we all mostly agreed on.
                      Go |•¡¤}\•|| yourself. It is you that have a serius mental issues and keep swing freaking lies at every turn…..Ramdom the lier

                    • Random Random says:

                      Maybe Nokia was planning to make MeeGo Symbian compatible?

                      That was never announced just like Android compatibility was never announced.

                      Making MeeGo Symbian compatible would have made more sense since Android compatibility would have probably killed the native development.

                      About Noki.

                      It’s nice to see that he admits 2M was not a fact but just a guess.

                    • noki says:

                      Hey you absurd lie thing. It’s you saying I stated that as a fact, never did such thing, it’s as I stated numerous times a good guess based on the data available,
                      The lier knows all of this but since he is mentally unbalanced he needs to stern things around so that we can flip out.

                      Seek help. You are nuts

                    • Random Random says:

                      It’s not a good guess.

                      Just a guess based on next to nothing.

          • Shaun says:

            In what way is the browser unusable ?

            I’m using it now to reply to your post.

            It certainly has a few bugs, odd design issues and performance was poor prior to the last update but I wouldn’t have said it’s unusable.

            • Janne says:

              Sometimes I think you just want to argue. My opinion on the browser isn’t really rare in Jolla communities. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.

              But if we must:

              Jolla’s browser does not support landscape. At all. A 9:16 portrait browser. Only.

              It is basically incapable of showing non-mobile versions at this time. There is no toggle either, but without landscape what would be the point anyway. You get mobile sites like on Opera Mini. It makes web look like a trip to early noughties.

              Jolla browser has no copy-paste. In fact, it has pretty much no features at all. You have bookmarks, a reload button and weird tabs.

              Finally, it has a freaky, trippy UI that makes Symbian look pretty usable. I can’t even get the controls appear half the time. Asha browser has a nicer UI. A 60 euro Asha.

              To enter a URL on Jolla, you need a gesture (if it works) and two taps on buttons before you can type. That’s three interactions to change the URL.

              In 2014, I call that an unusable browser on a medium to high-end phone.

              It is a little faster than the Asha (or Symbian) browser on those lower end hardwares, that’s about the only saving grace. Not that it is very fast as you too say.

              The browser is definitely a weak link in Sailfish. Other parts of Jolla are much nicer. Too bad a browser is pretty important these days.

              Firefox helps somewhat of course.

              I can’t believe you made me type all this. I can’t wait to see what RR makes of the Jolla browser now.

              • Random Random says:

                What should I say?

                Everyone already know the Jolla OS is not ready and it’s a niche product targeted for geeks and not for the masses.

                • burning nkia jumper says:

                  You should say “I admit I am Jolla hater” or something like that and “the global niche of 175 countries where lives only geeks have, but not any regular-common-mass customers shows how bad Jolla is, and they order because all of those geeks and mass clients hates comfortable mobile devices”.

                  ATM Jolla browser is not best of browsers. But I think it will be developed further. I think this one was intended to browse in store to download something only, eg. a better browser ;)

                  I think any other of browsers can be installed either from Android via Google Play or from Sailfish or something. I personally take on FireFox or Opera.

                  The browser in the N9 also is not the strongest software, mostly replaced with FireFox.

                  • Random Random says:


                    I’m not saying something like that.

                    Only selling phones in 175 countries doesn’t make it a mainstream product.

                    The Jolla phone is still in beta and not finished.

                    The browser is quite bad and that’s how it was on Symbian. So, nothing has really changed.

                    • Jason says:

                      Now you’re just seriously trolling, drawing direct parallels between Symbian & Sailfish, really? >.> Most Nokia devs who worked on Symbian had 0 to do with Maemo/MeeGo, & vice versa. And many of the folks working on Sailfish today, didn’t work on anything Nokia-related, & that’s increasingly become the case with each month. Most Symbian devs have long since moved onto much larger & more mainstream platforms i.e: Android/WP/iOS/BB etc.

                    • Jason says:

                      “And many of the folks working on Sailfish today, didn’t work on anything Nokia-related”

                      Of the ones that did, the vast majority worked on Maemo/MeeGo & related, not Symbian.

                    • Random Random says:


                      You apparently didn’t quite understand.

                      Symbian had a very low quality browser and Jolla has a very low quality browser.

                      Not something that attracts the masses.

                    • Jason says:

                      Well, it read like you were making a very tenuous & misleading link, & I wouldn’t blame anyone else for thinking the same.

                      Damn straight that the ~1mth+ Jolla browser is crud, Symbian had years, & years, & years to get that right, & still it remained crud.

                      Sailfish isn’t about attracting the mass-market ATM, it’s a long way off garnering that kind of momentum, that’s a very hard hat trick to pull nowadays, & one they may never achieve.

                    • Random Random says:


                      The Jolla phone is a niche device and the low quality browser just underlines that.

                      Having it sold in 175 countries matters very little if it’s not a product suitable for the masses.

                    • Jason says:

                      Next you’ll make the leap to:

                      “It’s a platform that’ll NEVER appeal to the masses/mainstream, & the browser will FOREVER be crud because it’s made by former Nokia engineers, & it’ll be FOREVER a niche platform.

                    • Random Random says:

                      That’s what you say. Not me.

                      Currently it’s not a platform for the masses and we don’t have any reason to believe that changing anytime soon.

                    • Jason says:

                      “I don’t have any reason to believe that changing any time soon, & even if there was the slightest inkling it is; I’d probably completely ignore it anyway, & highlight only the negative developments -if any.”

                      Fixed that for you…

                    • Janne says:

                      Just a note on the numbers:

                      There are 28 member states of the EU, if I’m correct. Jolla has so far sold to these and to Norway and Switzerland, making a total of 30 countries sold to.

                      They surely have pre-orders to a lot more countries, but I believe are not able to fulfill those at this time due to having an EU/EEC certified product only.

                    • Janne says:

                      And just to clarify, the 30 countries number is of course just a maximum… we don’t know if they have received orders from every single EU country.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Yes Jason.

                      Jolla has too few resources and that’s one reason why it’s going to be a niche platform for a while.

                      I look at the facts.

                      You apparently are in some kind of a Jolla cult.

                    • Jason says:

                      For anyone looking at the totality of my posts here, it’s quite clear I’m not in “some kind of Jolla cult” as you put it.

                      But on the other hand, anyone looking at yours can easily see a clear (albeit usually subtle) bias against Sailfish/Jolla.

                    • Random Random says:

                      You let people understand that you are in some kind of a cult.

                      You are “correcting” my words. That’s usually done by people who are quite arrogant and cult members are very often that arrogant.

                      Perhaps you would like to explain why you think that you would be able to “correct” my words like that?

                    • Jason says:

                      It was by quite simply looking at your pattern of posting…

                      I was anticipating something “roughly similar” to what you “might”* say in the not-too-distant future.

                      Anyway this discussion is becoming ridiculous, please excuse me, I’ve more important thing to do with my time, as I’m sure you do.

                      *note that I said “roughly similar” & “might”

                    • Random Random says:

                      You said you were “correcting” me.

                      How could you possibly know how to “correct” my words?

                      You would need some kind of superhuman powers to do that and usually only people in cults or religions think they have that kind of powers.

                    • Jason says:



                    • Random Random says:


                      You are quite arrogant.

                    • burning nkia jumper says:

                      This above posts RR to Jason shows exactly what kind of person is our dear colleague RR and how in his divine he must have the last word in all threads. Also shows how many place and time RR needs just to say nothing in very non-arrogant style. Of course this is another proof dear RR knows everything, have always right, and should be the next President of the Earth or the Highest Highness King of the Earth at last.

                      And above is the hard proof evidence.
                      /i /s /rotfl

                    • Random Random says:


                      I guess I have really annoyed you.

              • Shaun says:

                I didn’t say it didn’t have bugs, missing features or performance issues but I use it all the time and do not find it unusable as you put it.

                Even today it wipes the floor with anything on Symbian.

          • Shaun says:

            btw I do agree it’s less complete than n9 PR1.0.

            I’m missing CalDAV, SIP, Drive, two way syncing, a built in twitter app, hotspot, offline mapping and more that was in PR1.0. What is there through is a lot less buggy than Nokia’s first release. That is a very good sign IMHO.

            • sailfishos says:

              i only miss that offline mapping,

              hotspot can get helo from third party developers

              • burning nkia jumper says:

                Lots of things comes from 3rd party developers. So a kind of specialisation can be expected. Such situation usually lead to better services/software from tiny organisations, but very flexible and active. This is how growth starts.

            • Me says:

              My Jolla hasn’t arrived yet but i still would like CalDAV support to sync with my owncloud.
              I hope kthnotes and KDE Connect will work with minor modifications.
              But i think that offline mapping is the one i will miss most since every thing else could be added by 3rd party developers rather fast.

              • burning nkia jumper says:

                Have you tried to contact CalDAV developer to suggest him such a software is needed for Sailfish? It is probable he will start work when he will obtain a request for such a soft for Sailfish. Developer need a feedback as a motivation IMHO.

                • Me says:

                  CalDAV isn’t an app it’s the Calendaring Extensions of WebDAV an internet standard (it’s part of rfc4791).
                  I would love full WebDAV support.

                  I think that it will be added first in 3rd party applications and later on we will see it in sailfish OS.

                  • burning nkia jumper says:

                    Anyway, if you are not a dev to do this then you can ask for this either Jolla or free developers. So somebody will notice it is needed IMHO. I would try JollaHQ twitter or maemo forum.

  2. Noki says:

    thanks Janne for the tip

    • Janne says:

      Thanks, personally I have found following Jolla quite interesting now that Nokia is in the purgatory. No matter the very incomplete state of Jolla and some corporate mis-steps they’ve made. Always nice to watch an adventurous start-up try to find its footing.

      All the best to Jolla.

  3. krishna6233 says:

    I pray that they capitalize on the start they got :)

    Thanks janne for the tip!

  4. Noki says:

    good stuf, hope they make those 200 M they have to make in the first month??? ;)

    No but in all seriousness, its going to be an uphill fight for them, hope they can make it to fruition… We should never underestimate the power of believing on ones work..

  5. Masa says:

    …actually Mr. Snowden has helped Jolla indirectly…then the ‘no more buttons theme’… besides this I’m a happy Jolla user since 27.11.13 and year there is a “beta”-tag on the phone but I don’t miss anything from my N9 and N900. Also in Germany are geeks :-)

  6. GordonH says:

    Go Jolla go … good news.

  7. burning nkia jumper says:

    Here you have how to install Googlr Play Store on JOlla – to cut and finish all those doubts in this subject and area.

    Really this is hopeless and pathetic trying to convince that Jolla can’t use Android software. It does use it.

    What makes Jolla one of 3 the biggest ecosystems and a device with one of the biggest software offer, above 550k unique software positions.

    • Random Random says:

      Sure it can use Android applications but installing the Google Play is not really an option for the normal users.

      • burning nkia jumper says:

        oh really? That is just a software only. If one is not capable to follow this simple instruction then he/she will not be capable to use anything like Google Play store and ought to as for help somebody like a friend, partner, son/daughter, parents or somebody like.

        Even a mobile device serviceman can execute this for a client.

        Does it require any extraordinary equipment or skills impossible to find or ask a friend/a serviceman for? I don’t think so. Do you?
        It goes as following:
        Friday, November 29, 2013
        Play Store for Jolla
        You need: Time, Jolla and Computer
        WARNING: You do this youself. I dont give guarantee, but it works on me.
        TAKE BACKUP FROM /opt/alien/system

        UPDATE: 25.12. Over 0$ apps do not install to phone.

        Enable Jolla Developer Mode and allow SSH-connection (also set password).
        Download and extract it.
        Plug your Jolla with USB to computer in normal mode.
        Copy system-folder from your extract files to Jolla.
        Open SSH-connection to your phone and login. (user: nemo).
        Write “devel-su” and press enter. After that, write your password.
        Write command: rsync -av –ignore-existing /home/nemo/system /opt/alien
        Be careful when using rsync -command, don’t add trailing slash. Command must be identical. (unix adds it automatically if you use autocomplete)
        Reboot phone
        Install Google Play services to Jolla
        Install Google Play Store to Jolla
        Start Play Store and do updates.

        Coming later: change for build.prop (for GTA3 etc.)

        Posted by Kotka at 7:16 PM

        Even a replacing battery can be not really an option for the normal users. Whatever.

        But first of all my dear RR this is the evidence that Jolla can use Android software and users can pay for Android software with Jolla. And more: they, Jolla users, really do this.

        • Random Random says:


          Too complicated for the normal people.


          Apparently don’t understand why opening SSH connections is too complicated for the masses.

        • burning nkia jumper says:

          Well I have to admit: this is not for everybody, indeed.

          However when somebody will create an app with installer it will be a question of just one click.

          • Random Random says:

            Sure, as long as Google doesn’t change something.

            That could happen any day.

            • burning nkia jumper says:

              Sure, then installer will be changed and updated next day.

              And all the others in the Android world will loose possibility to buy software.

              Very interesting idea, indeed – Google ought to hire you for a senior adviser. Moment, aren’t you relative with Steven? Something like a similar wisdom….


              • Random Random says:


                That’s not exactly what had in mind but sure. You can think that Jolla can build a mainstream business of selling mobile phones based on some hacks.

                In the end of the day if they can’t have Google Play when the product ships, they can’t guarantee it will have Google Play with some hack.

                That’s a problem for them.

                • burning nkia jumper says:

                  I don’t think any hacks are needed, everybody are allowed to buy a soft and use it.

                  And this is rather a benefit for Google to monetise more customers.

                  And remember Sailfish has it’s own software and ecosystem also.

                  In the end of the day they have already shipped the Jolla product without Google Play and it works OK. Without what you call hacks. And still they guarantee Android software from works with Jolla device – so don’t worry so much about Jolla, relax.

                  • Random Random says:

                    Adding non authorized Google Play on a Jolla phone would require a hack.

                    The Jolla store has very few applications.

                    • burning nkia jumper says:

                      Jolla has Sailfsih which is free and open OS&software and everybody can modify it for own needs. Like access Google Play, needed is Google account only and not breaking rules. You can access via any browser, and number of installations of a software one has bought is unlimited.

                      You think with limitations of Windows as a closed software where any modification is a crime forbidden by law (so BTW you can’t remove PRISM… even when it is against law regulations in your country…).

                      It was already written that Jolla store is in betatests phase and contains only free software. Don’t create misleadnig quasi-fatcs or half-truths or half-lies.

                      Even with a few software pieces in Jolla store during betatests, Jolla and Sailfish has more software available then every Lumias combined together.

                      Perhaps you know or not that ATM there are 85000 Android software pieces has appeared to be fully working, to be more precise: so far. Not every Android software were tested so far yet, about 90k from 500k. There are also a few with problems or not working, I don’t know exact numbers but estimated % is comparable with % of Windows share in mobile market, so about 1% of not working at Jolla Android software and about 1% of Windows share in mobile market.
                      What a coincidence!

                      Note that above 1% contains all, so including those not launched at all and those with sightly moved buttons on the screen.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Sure, but the Jolla phone remains as a niche.

                      Too few applications on the pre installed store and no Google Play guaranteed.

                    • burning nkia jumper says:

                      Of course the Jolla smartphone with sell in 175 countries around the Earth globe remains a mobile of a global niche – this is obvious.

                      The Nokia N9 have no Google Play, nor Lumia. The Jolla devices have store of Jolla store is still in betatests and does not contains all applications as payments are not active yet, so now Jolla store is for free for everybody, until activation – and you know that.

                      Jolla software is ongoing future only yet. But don’t worry.

                    • Random Random says:


                      You don’t even know what it means that they sell in 175 countries.

  8. zlutor says:

    Sometime I tend to think RR is a kind of Elisa-bot dedicated to trolling all Nokia/Jolla/WhateverNotWp topics… :-)

  9. burning nkia jumper says:

    Somebody above mentioned that our dear RR is like Elisa, after reading this I have noticed that RR reminds me more the Skynet and terminators then Elisa. Just a thought, without proofs…

    • Random Random says:


      You are reading my messages. At least you have a chance to educate yourself.

      The rest of your message probably refers to the imaginary world some Nokia fans are living in. An imaginary world where MeeGo could have won.


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