Jolla outsells iPhone 5S and 5C at Finnish DNA, 8/10 phones for Elisa Corporate customers were Nokia devices

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Janne’s got some good news perhaps for fans of Jolla. Over at DNA, it has become the 5th top selling phone, better than iPhone 5S and 5C. As usual, this being Finland, we have to consider the usual as we did for Nokia, which included 1) small population size 2) possible affinity for Finnish things. Having said that, the Finns have also been free to choose their top devices and hence how iOS and Android is so strong there.

Pasting this bit in from Janne’s tip.

Not that this means *anything*. 🙂 But still a nice anecdote. DNA has also been an active supporter of the latest iDevices, even manning a booth for them at the DigiExpo fair, so it is rather surprising perhaps to see iPhone 5S/C so low on the list.

It would also suggest the amount of Jollas DNA received were, contrary to what Jolla led us believe (when appeasing pre-orderers who were angry at retails sales that began before their shipping), not insignificant.

Jolla was fifth on the list after:

1. Samsung Galaxy Trend
2. Samsung Galaxy Y
3. Samsung Galaxy S III 4G
4. Nokia Lumia 520

and before iPhone 5S on the sixth place and 5C at eight.

Apparently Jolla was also DNA’s number 1 selling phone in the price over 300 euros.

The 520 was the only Nokia phone in the top 10 for DNA. For Sonera and Elisa, there are four Nokias in their top 10.

For Elisa’s corporate customers, 8/10 were Nokia devices.


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