Windows Phone 8.1 Scheduled for the 2nd of April?

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Build 2014 we can’t wait.
Windows Phone 8.1 clock was just reset again and now the highly anticipated OS build might debut at Build’s developers conference in April! much like WP8 did  back at Build 2012.
The news should feel overwhelmingly sad for anyone who doesn’t own a Lumia as most of us who are running GDR2/GDR 3″developer’s preview”  can look up for the Lumia Black update until then.

Windows KeysMicrosoft running on all cylinders
Windows Phone 8.1 should’ve had an increase in attention from Microsoft now that Windows 8.1 update got delivered and we actually expected quite a faster pace for the update as a result but I doubt anyone would mind if the update got delivered to all WP8 devices which is the most likely scenario.

Excitement and concerns

However there’s  lots of rumors about a UI/API overhaul in WP8.1 and lots of developers are excited for API access to core OS functions in order to make better apps.

There’s also a bit of worry too as that change of UI might be a time consuming work for developers to get their apps to either run, correctly show live tiles information or follow whatever standards WP8.1 sets.

More challenges ahead
Another challenge Microsoft should tackle in WP8.1  is specs, Windows Phone 8.1 should answer to high specs very well, because the argument for not needing high specs in Windows Phone is terribly invalid now that APPS DO NEED SPECS regardless of the OS.

We need to see more amazing games hitting our store the way devs intended to show them and not in dumbed down versions, Microsoft also need to invest in stopping developers from dumbing down their games for 512mb on the account of destroying the graphics for their more capable WPs.

Lumia 1520

Higher stakes.

Its unclear how Microsoft will go about the WP8.1 but one thing is for sure WP8.1 will have to be extra amazing in everyway, as WP 8.1 might not get  Amber/Black styled updates for the Lumia line as Nokia would be part of Microsoft by then.

Finally we hope that Cortana and the notification center will not be the only high notes of the new update.

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