Leakyleak: Nokia Normandy Engineering Proto?

| January 12, 2014 | 30 Replies

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 16.37.23


The tweet below was RT’d by @evleaks (originally by @seamissu). It supposedly shows a Nokia Normandy Engineering Proto.


Though it could be any device, that single Asha like back button looks like previous leaks.


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  • Nok

    Why can’t Nokia/Microsoft make cheap Windows Phones?!

    • Anonymous

      Nokia cant because they pay MS for WP. Android is for free if you don´t use Googles own apps like Google Play store and Maps.

      • lumianer

        Well I think me won’t have to pay licences to itself 😀

        • Anonymous

          And thats why Normandy is scrapped 🙂

    • Drumman1000

      Aren’t $50 and $70 (520 and 521) cheap enough?

      • Me

        In what country is that price from and is it off contract?
        In my country the cheapest Lumia 520 i could find online is $121 (converted currency to US dollars) but most sell it for up to $200.

        • Me

          I forgot to type that the $121 doesn’t include shipping.

        • Drumman1000

          USA and off contract. $50 for AT&T banded 520 and $70 for T-Mobile banded 521. (all other specs the same)

          • Me

            That’s a great deal.
            Good hardware for that price.

          • Shaun

            And how much are the tariffs?

            Last I looked, people in the USA were still paying $40 a month for what we’d pay $10 for in Europe and we’d expect our phones to be unlocked even if they were a bit more expensive.

            The carriers are still getting their money.

      • Jiipee

        Dont seem to be since they make almost no margin. WP would need support also for other socs than Qualcomm to be competitive in high end.

    • JGrove303

      Ya, anything running android in the Lumia 520’s price range Is a piece of crap. 520’s are Burner phones in the USA. You might as well get a feature phone if you can’t afford a 520

      • MyLumiaAsha FTW! no more jelly selfish!

        i think Windows Phone still not ready for super low end range

      • Marc Aurel

        That’s simply not true in Europe and certainly not in Asia. There have been quite usable Androids available at the same price range as the L520 for some time now. They don’t quite have the same fluidity of UX, but they are certainly usable beyond basic telephony. If you want a major brand phone, you may not get a 5 MP camera and WVGA display, but that does not make them “crap”, either. If you are willing to risk a less-known brand, you can get better specifications, and I am not still talking about the regional Asian brands like Micromax, which make cheaper Android phones still.

        That said, of course the Lumia 520 is very good value for the money. You get a very well specced phone for the price, nicely fluid UX and Nokia build quality, but claiming that there is no credible competition from the Android side just doesn’t hold any water.

        • burning nkia jumper


  • lumiangry

    Pls do not speak so much about android! I really would freak out if Nokia made a laggy android device !!!
    there is the possibility of a asha-transformation by Microsoft:
    Bigger screens, Bing search,… All Microsoft services integrated

    But I think Asha is set to an end and there will be low end wps like 520 filling the gap…

  • D Harries

    There isn’t enough screen buttons for Android.

    It’s Asha

    • Me

      For stock android yes, but this would use an Nokia modified version of android.

    • Pdexter

      Most Android phones don’t have any hw buttons.
      Most of all this is a forked Android. It can have anything, or nothing. It’s only natural Nokia uses it’s UI expertise from Maemo. Juist like Samsung has its unified UI.

    • Janne

      The latest Asha touch generation – the Asha software platform aka 501, 503 etc. – has used 3:4 screens. This seems 9:16 or the like.

      So either this is a departure from the current Asha touch line-up or something else. Clearly it isn’t a Lumia because it has the capacitive Asha back button.

      • zlutor

        Not to mention the low screen resolution in Asha 5xx range (there is no device with 240×400 screen) – and that would be really good replacement for the old ‘full touch Ashas’ (e.g. 311)

        They are getting old now…

        • Marc Aurel

          The Asha 50x series already fully replaces the first generation full touch Ashas:

          Asha 500 replaces Asha 305/306
          Asha 501 replaces Asha 308/309
          Asha 502 replaces Asha 310
          Asha 503 replaces Asha 311

          The specs of course do not meet 100% — the Asha 50x series has more emphasis on camera at the expense of some other specs — but it’s quite obvious that’s how Nokia intends it to go.

          • zlutor

            You might be right but about Nokia’s goal but 240×320 in 2014 – well…

            O.K. it is low-end smartphone category but still. It is really low resolution…

    • Shaun

      That’s the only button you’d need on a forked Android. The Home button and task list button could be replaced with edge swipes like in the N9/Asha Platform but replacing the in-app back-stack with swipes would be near impossible.

      That might also explain why the Asha 501 had the back button even though it’s not Android. I thought it was a peculiar thing for Peter Skillman and the team at Nokia to have put there but if the future of Asha was Android based, it would perhaps make sense to start educating your customers then.

      • Janne

        Having an Asha 503, the back button actually makes a lot of sense. If I recall N9 replicates that in-app on-screen, but on Asha 50x I think having an outside button for back is better than having an on-screen button for the job.

        It also doubles as an exit from apps which some might like.

        I think there is a case to be made for some hardware buttons even on touch phones.

        • Shaun

          Oh that’s dissapointing if Asha 503 follows the Android way of allowing exiting an app with the back button.

          The N9 doesn’t do that. You have back arrows on some apps but once you’re at the first page of the app the only way to exit the app is to edge swipe. I was presuming they’d followed the N9 swipe UI model, not Android.

  • burning nkia jumper

    This button looks more like Asha IMHO. Perhaps that could be an Android. As I know Jolla’s Sailfish can be easy settled on any Android mobile. And I would do this if that would be an Android device – I would have for free better OS and possibility to use Android software and Nokia HW, something great for me.

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