Leakyleak: Live Pics of Nokia Normandy

| January 15, 2014 | 54 Replies



Thanks to ViziLeaks, the same person behind the full Lumia 1020 leak and mini review before launch, we now have our first pic of what appears to be the Nokia Normandy, or Nokia’s android device. The phone has a matte red finish and a small led flash (something not found on the low end Lumia’s such as the 520/525. The lockscreen and volume buttons give off the same Lumia look we’ve gotten used to, and according to @evleaks this phone even forgoes the onscreen android buttons.


What do you guys think of the phone, carrying the classic Lumia look, or should android Lumia’s find their own design?


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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • Btw, on an unrelated matter this was my first full post on the Lumia 2520, it took an embarrassingly long time to finish, but that was due to some incompetence on my behalf. Hopefully i’ll be more productive once I get the keyboard dock thing.

    • Ashish

      it is looks like lumia 720
      because i have the same red 720.

      • Ashish

        its look like lumia 720.

  • Shaun

    The “classic Lumia look” being the Fabula design language originally designed for the N9 and then also used on the Ashas already?

    • Exactly how does the Lumia 520/720 resemble the n9? Hardly any of the wp8 phones resemble the n9 short of the 920 and maybe the 1020. The truth is short of the original color inspiration (of which it seems both the magenta and the cyan seem to have faded away) there isn’t much left of the n9 influence on the Lumina family, it was a very slow and subtle evolution but looking back they’ve definitely changed.

      • koya

        I have Lumia 800 WP7 which put on N9

      • Banderpop

        N9 was also the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic in this story.

        Apart from the dual shot case introduced with the 620, Nokia have been stuck on a design philosophy that debuted in 2011 with the final N-Series phone. And the addition of bright red in the current line up started with the 808, also not a Lumia.

      • rustyknight17

        Sorry Ali , but the design ,to me and several others it seems , is clearly based on the N9 . Not that it’s a bad choice , quite the opposite , but I agree with Wishall , Androids should have a different design . Should shake things up in the Android world though lol !;)

      • Sorry but this is the 720 only. Nokia Normandy does not have any flash. Ask @evleaks 😛

      • Shaun

        How do the Lumia 520/720 resemble a Lumia? IMHO they don’t. Neither did the 510/710. They’re lazy and derivative. They could be by almost anyone.

        You’ve used “classic Lumia look” Ali. What do you mean by it? How far do we go back for it to be “classic”? Which models are you calling classic? What are the older models? Vintage ?

        IMHO there’s a direct line through Nokia’s design language from the squircle, through Fabula, through the N9 to today including Ashas and Lumias and even the basic feature phones like the 108. The line wanders a lot in some cases and I personally find it disappointing when they do.

        eg. the 501 design is pure, simple and brilliant. The 502/503 adds the clear perspex case and is just awful and a pointless bit of messing about with the original pure design.

        The Normandy looks to me like a continuation and variance on Nokia’s wandering design language that they’ve used across many lines. It doesn’t belong to just the Lumia range.

        • rustyknight17

          Amen bro

    • Janne

      I doubt the Fabula design language was ever designed just for the N9.

      I’m sure it was always for a range of devices, like any design direction Nokia has used – I doubt they have ever used or made some design language for only one phone. Even the craziest stick phone came in a family of similar design elements.

      Maybe we could call this the modern or “current Nokia design”, that probably captures the essence of it best.

      More to the overall discussion:

      I agree with Ali, though, these rounded corner Lumias have very little in common with the N9 design though. Lumia 800, 900, 920 and 1020 were offsprings of the particular N9 design, others not so much really.

      The first or one of the first Nokia phones to come in red from factory was, by the way, Nokia 5110, not 808. Already Nokia 2110 had a red shell available, maybe even 2010. Nokia 2010/2110/5110 was not a Symbian device, but a Series 30 predecessor.

      • Bloob

        Fabula itself is just an evolution of the design language of N8 and E7.

      • Banderpop

        I don’t think the N9’s design was for the N9 only either. But it was intended for Swipe UI (works best with a curved screen that’s flush with the casing), narrow one-handed use and no face buttons. On Lumia, its well thought out and ergonomic philosophy is somewhat lost.

        The 808 launched alongside accessories with red options like the BH-221 and DC-16, both of which had an Anna-like squircle theme. Red Lumias came soon after that, and of course the accessories worked with them too and will almost certainly work with Normandy. As such, without having to think back very far, I don’t automatically associate red with Lumia.

        • Janne

          I don’t think the N9′s design was for the N9 only either. But it was intended for Swipe UI (works best with a curved screen that’s flush with the casing), narrow one-handed use and no face buttons. On Lumia, its well thought out and ergonomic philosophy is somewhat lost.

          I wonder how much of that “designed for swipe” was just a PR story, though. Design evolution at Nokia was clearly taking touch phones towards flush bezels and curving screens. Even 808 PureView has a flush bezel and curving screen, even though it definitely wasn’t designed for border swipes. As we know, swipe was a very late invention – made actually during Elop by Nokia’s American consult company – so I’d actually think Nokia was already working on curved screens and polycarbonate unibodies before swipe came along…

          Every Nokia design, pretty much, is an evolution of some past design (at Nokia or elsewhere). They refine things from phone to phone, and sometimes new trends come along. The squircle theme lived on a few years, as have many other design themes at Nokia come and gone.

          • Random Random


            Swiping really wasn’t that late invention.

            There was a company called Apple who replaced all but 5 buttons with touch screen gestures. Including swipes.

            Of course Nokia tried to evolve that idea by removing two more leaving N9 with just three buttons.

            In that sense N9’s Swipe UI was an evolved iOS UI.

            • Janne

              By “swipe” I mean the Nokia border swipe based UI in N9 (and later in Ashas) in particular. Not the swipe gesture in general.

              • Random Random


                To be fair Apple did have pretty much most of the border based swipes available long before N9 was even introduced. Those gestures were dropped at a later time, but not really all of them.


                “In iOS 4.3, the iPad can use four- and five-finger gestures (and only the iPad appears to get these features, at least in this release). Apple even details specific examples for developers to test, such as pinching out of an app to the Home Screen, swiping up to reveal the multitasking bar (which in iOS 4.2 is only accessible by double-tapping the Home button), and swiping left and right between apps.”

                Then again.

                If you test your current iPad’s border based swipe gestures, you notice that they do work pretty well even without a curved glass. Another matter is if doing it that way is very practical.

                • Shaun

                  The iPad gestures are nothing like the edge swipe gestures used in the N9. It wasn’t until iOS 7 that Apple introduced edge swipes that did anything.

                  • Random Random

                    The fact remains.

                    Apple had edge swipe gestures long before N9.

                    You apparently didn’t even read the link I provided you. Read it and you may learn.

          • Banderpop

            It’s entirely possible that things came together by accident. But if that’s the case and the designers saw that it worked, I wouldn’t expect them to undo it.

            The 808 has a rubber ridge around its screen, which is a bit of a shame really as I wish it didn’t. Mine has a swipe gesture app installed, and it makes navigating Belle really easy, especially when switching between open apps. I almost never use the face buttons for anything, as they mean twisting my thumb downwards and holding the phone precariously if I’m using it one-handed while walking or something. But that rubber strip is in the way a bit, like a mini speed bump. I’d be tempted to remove it if I knew it could be done cleanly.

            • Banderpop

              To add to that, I suppose one example of things coming together by accident is the bright colour options of polycarbonate fitting Windows Phone live tiles. Personally I was only interested in the black and white versions of the N9 because of this.

          • Shaun

            The 808 unfortunately still has buttons on the bottom of the screen which would interfere with swiping up from the bottom. The fact it has curved sides is more a coincidence of Nokia’s design direction.

            I don’t think the N9’s curved screen is just PR at all. But in any case, go read the actual PR…


      • burning nkia jumper

        I doubt the Fabula design language was ever designed just for the N9.

        Yes it was – there is no doubts, also as Marko Atisari has been explaining that many times and also how the design language fabula was to reflect innovations and new approach for grouping all services together, bring completely new user experience and innovative approach to Nokia N9.

        And Nokia’s tradition was to underline differences with extra design.

        Only Mr Elop has decided to butcher Nokia N9 and Linux MeeGo project with everything behind, and to utilise award winning design and warm acceptance of N9 for promoting hard Windows packed into N9 design and name it Lumia.

        Of course Nokia has right to use their design as they want. So when Windows failed all hopes still this is the N9 design that can be used for a next thing.

        We can argue/debate about this design, but it was created to underline new qualities and endless possibilities of Nokia N9 and MeeGo. There is no reason to pretend there is no Nokia N9, and it was to be the beginning of a new line of devices in the Nokia history. And also there is no reason to pretend a number of common customers prefers N9, it’s design and OS – then any other.

        “Current Nokia design” is weird term for me, in this context does not fit I think. Nokia design is the significant part of history of design as such. We can say this is “N9 style” the same as other legendary devices from Nokia.

        It is not my way to be negative for everything non-MeeGoish, just I think this is what it is – “N9 style” perhaps with slight differences. The sane way with Asha which looks at first a mini N9. Forgive me, good things which creates perfection are not easy to forget. Still this is Nokia spirit, and N9 spirit, strong solid alive.

        • Janne

          Yes it was – there is no doubts, also as Marko Atisari has been explaining that many times and also how the design language fabula was to reflect innovations and new approach for grouping all services together, bring completely new user experience and innovative approach to Nokia N9.

          You really shouldn’t take PR speeches verbatim, it doesn’t do any good for you. Marko Ahtisaari made similar speeches about many things. As I mentioned above, I’m actually pretty sure polycarbonate unibodies and curving screens were already being worked on at Nokia *before* the swipe UI was even invented. Swipe came along very late, only in late 2010.

          Certainly Nokia was intending to create a uniform design language. Your mistake is to think it was for the N9 alone or even for MeeGo especially. I’m quite sure it wasn’t – Nokia has always spanned their designs through many product types, operating systems and generations. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that Nokia even released simulatenously design families with non-Symbian Series 30/40 and Symbian devices in the same design families.

          Nokia transitioned to one more OS during Elop, true, but sharing designs certainly was nothing new at Nokia and I have a hard time remembering any case where Nokia has made a design for just one device somehow exclusively.

          • burning nkia jumper

            I just say what I think – I don’t like to take weird-bot speeches verbatim, like RR logo-ore, it doesn’t do any good for anybody.

            Nokia intended to create entirely new product line to create a new market possibilities. For this purpose has gathered the best of the best so: N9 design, carbon unibody, Linux Harmattan MeeGo, software, UI, user experience, and even Steven Elop (as resource full of knowleadge and experiences), Intel+Nokia partnership – and has created the Nokia N9. Model, design, fabula, endless possibilities, idea & creation = simply: “N9 design style”.

            They could use WP but has used MeeGo.
            They could use Lumina with Windows but has used N9 with MeeGo.

            All those small changes in design, visible but still not making N9 style to disappear – are called in automotive industry very simply: “LIFTING”.

            Lumia is just N9 design style after a small lifting, and still N9 style can be recognised in it.

            Of course Nokia can use it for many things, even as a frame for pictures in N9 design style. That is something that was not destroyed by all-we-know-who.

            • Random Random

              Destroyed by Apple and Google.

              Nokia just didn’t have the resources it.

  • hong lik

    Checkout!!Now Nokia storyteller beta are available in Lumia amber update

    • twig

      I love storyteller. Load up some videos and slide from one to the other while showing someone, it freaks them out.

  • sandars

    Its good to see Android alternative, from Nokia.

  • Wishall

    I think the android phones should have their own design structure. The current lumia have a signature design of their own. Anyone looking at these phones can identify them as a lumia based on the design.

    Android phones are different from lumia phones and they should be kept different.

    • burning nkia jumper


    • Janne

      They are Nokia phones.

      Nokia always had the similar designs, no matter the OS the devices ran.

      You guys forget it wasn’t that long ago when Series 30/40 and Symbian devices looked very much alike.

      • rustyknight17

        No they don’t Jane . The Symbian 3 phones were distinctive for example .iy


    I like it. matte is great and the flash was unexpected.

  • Damen

    This will be cancelled before becoming official or very soon after that depending on the actual time of closure for the Microsoft deal. There is no way Microsoft is going to sell an Android phone, no matter if it’s a heavily modified version. It would send a wrong signal.

    • Pdexter

      Who says Microsoft will sell it?
      Nokia keeps Nokia Research and Nokia Research handles 2/3 of Nokia’s R&D costs.

      This can be Nokia Research project, meaning Nokia’s project, not future Microsoft’s.

      • twig

        If it goes to Micro they should keep the line, it’s about services rather than OS. If Micro gives the OS for free and loads it up with services they follow the Google plan don’t they. Micro bought a production studio and can buy any services they want to make the real money in advertising and services. Computers are now coming out with Android and Windows installed on the same computer so this is an extension of that where the OS really doesn’t matter, it’s the services.

  • rustyknight17

    Damn , the MS deal doesn’t cover the Normandy …

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  • D Harries

    The red phone lying down says Carl Zeiss next to the lens.

    The picture is a misdirect, because we should be looking at the phone behind.

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  • aa

    emoji comes to jolla!!!!

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