1520v possibly coming with Windows Phone 8.1? 1520 Viisi (Finnish for 5/”V”) with 768p screen?

| January 26, 2014 | 5 Replies


Leak or fake?  has come across a screenshot that details the Nokia Lumia 1520V.

The SOC is the snapdragon 8974 or Snapdragon 800 as seen in the 1520.

I’ve only just noticed that Viisi is Finnish for 5 (V). Looking at the previous comments, this is what Janne suggested.


And if 1520V is indeed short for “1520Viisi”, viisi is five in Finnish. An internal code of a 5″ Lumia 1520 variant would make much more sense than a 1520V product name, let alone the 4.4″ incher in that picture.

Some other 5″ variant of 1520 sounds perfectly possible of course. But I don’t think it is the one pictured.

With a 768p screen on a smaller sized display, I hope to see that triple column affair going on with the other lumias (at least have the option available). The 1320 of course has a 720p display over 6″ (with MS noting triple column is to do with size rather than resolution).



Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • Janne

    Well, that 768×1280 screen info there is certainly a curve-ball. That would fit a 4.4″ screen idea better. But then what “1520” is there, if it doesn’t even have a full HD screen…

    Weird rumor, this.

  • HD

    A person who writes articles in nokias official Finnish ääni-blog answered a comment in the article about black becoming available and stated that nokias ‘productpersons’ had told her that the triple column thing requires a full HD display and would also be available in smaller screens if they were full HD. This was in the comments section not in the article but that info was an addition for her previous answer to a comment after she had been in touch with someone who knows about these things. Don’t know what is true in the end.

    • v.s.i

      Not all people inside a company communicate with each other. What the person said cannot possibly be true, as we do have a 720p screen with 3 columns in the Lumia 1320.

  • Paul

    Maybe 1080p is Verizon only in the device called Icon and the 768 ist the woldwide variant. Or maybe there are two devices. An worldwide Icon (aka 1520 with 5 inch and 1080p) and a 4,4Inch device with 768×1280 for a lower segment (maybe 820 sucessor?).

    I still miss 41MPix with Snapdragon800/805.

  • james

    or maybe 1520v = Lumia 930 fullhd 4,5″ display. Nextleaks, for twitter