Black update for Lumia 520/720 brings double tap to wake

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I loved the Nokia N9, it was a device with so many experimental UI innovations that along with WebOS shaped the new smartphone UI experience across all operating systems.

 (you should know that the main guy behind WebOS is actually the guy who led the team who made the Nokia N9)


Pictured Nokia N9 with a double tap to wake joke :).

See before the Nokia N9 I would hold my Nokia N8 and press the home button and notice how uncomfortable it is to press something physical and then switch to the air like navigation of a capacitive touch screen.
Luckily the Nokia N9 not only solved this problem by removing home buttons but even introduced a feature that will probably live for ever. (as more OEMs are “knocking” it off :D.)

User feedback convinced Nokia to reintroduced this feature again both on its 5xx Asha line and on select Lumia phones later on via the amber update.


Sadly low-end Lumias didn’t get a piece of the action that is up until Nokia Black update which added “double tap to wake” to even more Lumias including the Lumia 625 which got the feature to the surprise of many but today as the rollout for Black update started we are glad to report the “double tap to wake” feature now made it to the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 720 too.


This feature will give the Lumia 520 new found bragging rights, it already have super sensitive touch which is only found on top Samsung models (and few other flagships), now they’ll have double tap to wake too which is only available on top LG models too and is starkly absent from any Samsung.

So tell us did you get the Black update for your Lumias? are you enjoying the double tap to wake too? Shout off about your experiences in the comments bellow.

Have a good day and happy updating.



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