Gallery: Lumia 1520 in Small Hands

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The Lumia 1520’s 6″ screen can seem dauntingly huge for some, and as I have relatively large hands I felt like I wasn’t properly conveying the size of the device in my pictures; so I enlisted the help of lovely friend Amanda to act as a hand model for me while I snapped a couple pictures. Hopefully the smaller (and admittedly much nicer) hands/fingers give a better idea of what the device would look in the hands of those who don’t have abnormally long fingers.

Although the device is quite large, she said it didn’t feel large enough to dictate two hand usage at all times, in fact when I asked her to type naturally she only used a singe hand to grasp and type the device; only using both hands after I asked her to see how that felt.

(I’d like to apologize for the dirty background in these images, I tried taking these pictures in the street but the white balance was way off; so I was forced to take them in my car which as you might be able to tell hasn’t been vacuumed in a while.)

DSC04874DSC04876DSC04872 DSC04873

Here’s a picture of the Lumia 1520 in my jeans pockets (relaxed fit, not slim!); the top of the device pops out occasionally if it’s not angled slightly, and if I’m wearing pants with shallow pockets like khakis it can dig into my pelvis while driving/bending over/climbing stairs.DSC04864



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