Microsoft’s OneDrive to Feature Referral and Camera Roll Upload Bonuses

| February 10, 2014 | 2 Replies


We previously reported that Microsoft were renaming their cloud storage service to OneDrive after running into some legal issues, now as the launch of OneDrive approaches more details about the re-branded service are surfacing.

According to Liveside, OneDrive will feature a referral bonus when a user gets their friends to sign up (similar to the dropbox setup), with 500 Mbs per friend, with up to 10 friends. OneDrive will also feature a “camera roll bonus” which will give users who use the auto-upload to skydrive feature from their WP devices and extra 3 Gbs of space. A welcome feature for sure, but I’d love it to be more like Google who doesn’t count ANY backed up photos or images against your storage limit, but we’re getting there.

What do you guys think of the new features? Hopefully it’ll get more people to adopt skydrive, and Microsoft will continue to improve their cloud storage service with time.



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