More WP 8.1 Leaks; Closer Look at Separate Volume Controls, Weekly Calender View; No more Accidental Bing Searches (Screenshots)

| February 11, 2014 | 29 Replies


Earlier today we got our first comprehensive look at the new features coming in with WP 8.1, thanks to the developers SDK. Although Microsoft haven’t enabled the Bing functionality, or the voice assistant in this release there’s still plenty of other things to look at. Thanks to @AngelWZR on twitter, here are some more screenshots and details of the upcoming release.

Starting with the image above, is the redesigned volume controls we’ve seen before, which give separate controls for the ringer/notifications as well as Media/Apps, a welcome change for those of us who want to lower their gaming volume but not miss out on notifications.

Next up is a new feature which disables single presses on the Bing search button while in a fullscreen app (like a game, capturing a video/image etc.);  the search button was ridiculously sensitive (not to mention useless) that some users went as far as epoxying it to stop it from going off. With 8.1 when in a fullscreen app users have to double tap the search button to open the bing app, pretty clever.


It seems Microsoft and Google have worked out their issues, as not only is the Youtube site playing in the browser without any problems, but when setting up a Gmail account you can sign in through the web authentication (OAuth), which should hopefully restore proper Gmail service with push. BgOF8ieCcAEzqgh

Also present is “project my scree” which is the ability to share show your phone’s screen onto a device; similar to how Nokia do in their releases, pretty useful if you need to share a presentation or video on the go.

A big change for anyone who’s used the calendar on WP is the new weekly view, which brings up any events for this week in large tiles, as well as showing the predicted weather for those days (nice feature); and has done away with the annoying Lorem Ipsum text that confused many. Yay for progress.



We heard of the “Battery Power Sense” app earlier, and here’s a glimpse of what it will look like, showing you what apps have been using power recently (hopefully with a detailed breakdown of which apps are the most power hungry). BgOEqykCcAEsxnS

The skydrive in the photo albums is no longer an album of its own, but will instead launch the Skydrive/OneDrive app (no idea why they did that.. unless the Skydrive app is going to be integrated properly into the OS).BgOA5HHCIAAfPsRHere’s a look at the new Podcasting app (hopefully available internationally), as well as the settings for the app; which feature options for autodownload and streaming on the go. BgOHO__CIAI9TeM BgOHaHnCIAMyOcFBgOCoaNCMAAcgnx BgOAgwOCMAE507b BgOBCwLCUAEkRQV


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  • Grazy

    Wow, that’s a lot of changes! no On screen buttons though! which is a good thing i think!

    So I’m guessing this will run on older devices like the 92X and 1020 and not just new devices like when they left out the L800 for WP8 🙂

    • JPDVM2014

      Yes…the leaker on Redditt said that the documentation says that it will be coming to all WP8 devices.

  • a2b04

    Great features!
    Really appreciate that the bloody annoying lorem ipsum crap is gone from the calender!

    • Viipottaja

      what lorem ipsum? have never noticed it, although I hardly ever use the calendar other than checking future dates/weekdays.

      • persposki

        In the calendar’s month view, it displays random latin words on the days where you have appointments.

  • Viipottaja

    “display the search BOX”… hopefully that implies that search will indeed now be universal and pops up as a small box/bar at the bottom or top when invoked.

  • Viipottaja
  • leoniDAM

    If you don’t have push notification for Gmail is not because there is some problem with OAuth or so, but because Gmail has dropped the support for EAS (that provide push mail) for free users.
    IMAP can’t provide push notification if the client don’t support a special command of IMAP called IDLE-IMAP

  • Deaconclgi

    Hmmmm….projecting a screen via USB on a device that has a Micro USB port….I believe we are FINALLY getting OS support for TV-Out via USB!!!! Bring on the MLH, Slimport and all the other adapters!!!

    Next up, I’d like to see some USB-OTG support!

    I have an upgrade waiting to be used on my line…bring on the Lumia 1020 successor with updated specs and WinPRT 8.1!

    • Keith

      I highly doubt USB OTG will ever come to WP. I think we are trying to move away from that kind of thing and moving towards cloud storage. Why use USB Drive when you could store and access things from your cloud? Especially now that Satya Nadella is the CEO, the hope for seeing USB OTG is gone.

      I personally don’t care much because I only ever used it once or twice back when I had the N8. Never used it on my 808.

      • Ali Abdulla

        why limit ur options ?
        tons of ppl live with 50kb download and 6kb upload..
        just saying..

    • Paul

      … and “give the device-screen wirelessly to the TV” sounds like Miracast.
      Maybe we get both: USB-to-Screen and Miracast

      • Paul

        [Edit:] crisscross was faster than me.

  • spacemodel

    After seeing these ‘updates’ there’s great panic at the offices of Google and Apple…

    • Viipottaja

      All we need now is some new profile pics here…

    • L928

      but so long to wait) I still havent received Black for my L928

  • crisscross

    Projecting to a screen should be miracast (compare to windows rt), although not supported on the device used for screenshot…

  • allawi

    Could we get these updates faster if we have the developer app????

    • Viipottaja

      I would guess so.

  • Edward

    I wish they can put back :

    1) “Offline” mode just like Nokia Symbian. It’s troublesome to switch ON and OFF all the time.


    2) User can download the whole language pack in to phone, don’t have to be connected online to hear auto message reading while driving.

  • Keevo


    Separate volume controls! Altought, this update seems veery nice. Can’t wait.

  • zymo

    Hands On: Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Build 8.10.12298 – Improvements + MORE

  • swain

    Now the start screen looks somehow fine with 6 columns of tiles. But what about the application menu ? Still they couldn’t implement a proper menu design(say grid) for bigger and high resolution screens. Is it that much complex ? Symbian had it since it’s inception.

  • StefanP

    Many nice improvements. Even two different volume controls. But that’s not enough. I was looking for a way to mute or lower the volume of the “charger connected” sound while still have the full volume for incoming calls. Especially with the wireless stand charger you (and people around) get to hear this sound quite often. MS still does not understand the difference between a PC and a mobile phone.

  • JGrove303

    Whoa whoa whoa! Are you talking me that MHL has been possible with all the Lumias since the 920, just not utilized?!? That and DLNA will be so bitchen with MOGA enabled games!

  • Marc

    Looking at those leaks, I can’t help to think the next step for Windows Phone RT is actually a single OS, being able to do what Windows RT and Windows Phone both do. Interface would be depending of the screen of the device (WP8 like for sub 6 inches devices, Windows like for touch device of more than 6 inches). It would support HIDs, it would be able to display the desktop on an external monitor. Office would be there in 2 versions: Office Mod for the touch usage, Office desktop for the desktop… And I guess the few features visible for the last updates were actually because the content behind the scenes was much deeper, and it was that way to make this possible huge list of features possible… Anyway, would like to be in april already!!!

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