Nokia Goes Green for Valentine, Hinting at an Android Powered Phone?

| February 13, 2014 | 16 Replies

1511064_745728258779445_424293820_nIf you head over to any of Nokia’s social networking mediums (Twitter, Facebook) for almost all regions that have entered February 14th have been plastered with green… A very “Android” like green. It’s possible Nokia are making a very subtle hint at a certain upcoming device that’s going to be powered by Android. It definitely isn’t the most far fetched of ideas, given how much Nokia love to tease their followers; after all green has never been a strong color in the Lumia palate, or even the Ashas, and the unified colors all around along with the lack of any explanation make for a strong case. What do you guys think? Plausible?dcbe8039e714d2e57ffb46a117a436173ce0f4dbc2ded7d7219133a958232529 7d8f12a0454626da4ccb6b666e89641b


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