Inforgraph: Actual Screen Size Vs. Bezel

| February 13, 2014 | 28 Replies

BgM3tjwIQAAVXJzConsidering how Nokia haven’t had the best track record when it comes to properly utilizing screen real estate, here’s an interesting infographic showing how each phone compares in terms of actual display to bezel percentage. The Lumia 1520 does pretty good at 71.2%, only a few percentages bellow the LG G2 which has a full width screen with no side bezel; and I must admit the proper space utilization on the 1520 is great, as it keeps the actual phone size to a minimum (well as minimum as possible when you’re dealing with a 6″ screen). The Lumia 1320 also fares quite well with an acceptable 70.25, however after that it gets pretty horrible, with the 920 at 60.4% and the 1020 at 59.8% (thank god the Lumia 800 isn’t up there).

Hopefully with WP 8.1 and its on screen buttons we’ll see less and less bezel, and more screen utilization; something I’m sure many of you would appreciate (although I fear the toll on durability of devices would take a hit).




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