Nokia Power Keyboard Unboxing Video & Gallery + First Impressions

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The biggest selling point for the Lumia 2520 for me was the Nokia Power Keyboard, it provided a perfect solution to people who wanted a tablet that  could also become so much more if asked to. And that’s exactly what the power keyboard does, matched with a 4,000 mAh battery, a full depressible QWERTY keyboard (none of that touch crap like the surface), a trackpad, and two full sized USB ports the power keyboard truly turns your tablet into a laptop. Check out our unboxing video below and then read on for some quick first impressions (BTW this is typed with the power keyboard).



As I mentioned the power keyboard was what truly made me consider the Lumia 2520 as a proper device rather than a novelty, it transforms the 2520 into a much more capable “PC” and actually makes having Word and Office on a tablet of use (besides browsing documents). For starters the fact that the keys are actually depressible makes a huge difference in terms of tactile feedback to the user, allowing for better typing. The full size USB ports are also a huge plus seeing how they let you truly “plug and play” without having to fumble with a Micro-USB to full size adaptor (I just plugged in my Logitech mouse receiver and was good to go).


The trackpad is a useful feature, but honestly so far it has been a bit of hit and miss with me, with some taps/clicks not being registered, plus the actually left and right keys are touch sensors and not fully depressible. So far I’ve found it faster to rely on the touch screen for major movements as it takes forever to grad the mouse across the screen using the touchpad, I’m only using the trackpad for fine movements, such as moving the cursor between words while typing this up.


The keyboard is pretty easy to use, and you can get the hang of it quite quickly, however I’m finding a bit of stiffness in the spacebar which leads to some unregistered key presses (I’m also hearing a bit of a mechanical scraping, so it might be a problem with the seating, or an overextended piece of plastic somewhere- I’ll try to fix it myself).


The battery is nice feature to have, although I doubt I’ll ever be in a situation (besides a trans-Atlantic flight) where I’ll need extra battery on the 2520 in one sitting, but it’s nice option to have.


In terms of the actual case it’s very stylish and feels very nice to the touch; with a smooth sort of sueded plastic touch; it also does a good job at masking its own bulk by tapering off towards the edges, giving an impression that it’s actually thinner than it is. Of course all these features and add-ons add a bit of weight to the full package; but that’s to be expected.


That’s it for now, my full review will follow shortly once we’ve had enough time to give a sound verdict, in the mean time hope you guys liked this.


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