Nokia Lumia 1520 firmware update solves few problems. (updated)

| February 21, 2014 | 15 Replies


I was playing some Modern Combat 4 in multiplayer mode (which is awesome) on my Lumia 1520 when I received an update notification, naturally I got excited as my phone is developer mode activated and I thought it was the Blue update, but it wasn’t its was a Nokia FW update.

Lumia1520 update

What changed? sadly no change log was present, but what I immediately picked up on is faster snappier navigation, specially faster UI animations, alternatively I also noticed and can confirm that touch sensitivity issues have been resolved, I can now navigate without repeated miss input, and I can use my gloves again as latest Extras + Info updates lowered sensitivity so I couldn’t use them anymore! I can confirm that the same gloves that didn’t work yesterday, works perfectly now.

The update is minor with the FW version number set at 1028.3562.1402.10236, I will write back as any new findings come up.


Update: apparently the update has been out for select markets for 10 days now, but it seems its rolling for a wider range now.
Update 2: Solved a bug where the phone restarts when you change data speeds from 2g to 4g while data connection is on.


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