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Over at XDA, a dev has begun publishing that he has been working on getting the Nokia Apps working on non-Nokia X devices. You may think its crazy given that the devices aren’t out yet, but bear in mind several developers (mainly in Asia) have had these phones for months, as well Nokia having quite a few on RDA already. (Personally, my plan was to extract the APKs from there until I saw this).


Mix Radio even has Lock Screen Support on Non-Nokia X devices

Anyway, currently Mix Radio and Store are up and running. They may not work perfectly so please keep that in mind, and may require your phone to be rooted and make a few alterations. More apps are being worked on, but as they involve Nokia APIs, things can be a bit tricky. I’ve tested both of these on my Nexus 5, and have had no issues. Great news seeing as the N5 uses 4.4.2 KitKat vs 4.1.2 Jelly Bean that powers the Nokia X platform.


Offline Mixes work great!

The Store has a few issues, but there are folks out there who are definitely working on it. As for apps like HERE, they’re being worked on, but they depend on a few things that just aren’t installing right on non-Nokia X devices. I have faith though it won’t be much longer.





If you’re interested in testing these on your Android device, take a look at the source link below for more information.

Update: Our good friend CJ from Unleash The Phones has posted a quick video demo of MixRadio running on his LG G2.

Source: XDA Developers [Store, MixRadio]


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