Nokia Power Keyboard Review

| February 28, 2014 | 6 Replies


In my preview and unboxing of the Nokia Power Keyboard I touched on some of the reasons why i consider it the greatest accessory ever, namely the fact that it adds so much to the 2520 making it super functional. So here are my thoughts on it after usage. DSC05169

The keyboard is a great accessory and has great design and functionality, so instead of listing everything I loved, here’s what I wasn’t so hot about:

  • The space bar could be funky at time, with missed clicks (but you learn where to press and live with it)
  • No options to control the track pad speed and sensitivity
  • On the bulky side for a case

All in all it’s the perfect accessory for the 2520, but I’m sure some out there would wish for the same functionality minus the power pack, leading to more slim and lighter case, who knows maybe we will see one?



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