Nokia X Rooted; Gains Access to Google Play Store & Services

| March 1, 2014 | 20 Replies

2014-02-28_17.38.15-767x1024One thing Nokia made clear during their announcement of the Nokia X line, was that they aren’t really playing nice with Google; in fact it was as close as a “screw you” Google as possible, meaning we’ll take your software but we won’t let you force your services down our throats. However if you do want Google services on your Nokia X you can get them! Less than a few days after announcement the Nokia X has already been rooted, allowing users to add their own boot launchers and Google services to the device, giving access to the Play store, Google maps and other services that normal Android users enjoy.

Users over at XDA forums have posted a guide on how to gain access to these servers, and it apparently isn’t too difficult. In fact with Nokia practically telling people to go sideload apps, and making it so easy to root their device; I’m getting the feeling that that’s what they’ve wanted all along…



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