Nokia X Rooted; Gains Access to Google Play Store & Services

| March 1, 2014 | 20 Replies

2014-02-28_17.38.15-767x1024One thing Nokia made clear during their announcement of the Nokia X line, was that they aren’t really playing nice with Google; in fact it was as close as a “screw you” Google as possible, meaning we’ll take your software but we won’t let you force your services down our throats. However if you do want Google services on your Nokia X you can get them! Less than a few days after announcement the Nokia X has already been rooted, allowing users to add their own boot launchers and Google services to the device, giving access to the Play store, Google maps and other services that normal Android users enjoy.


Users over at XDA forums have posted a guide on how to gain access to these servers, and it apparently isn’t too difficult. In fact with Nokia practically telling people to go sideload apps, and making it so easy to root their device; I’m getting the feeling that that’s what they’ve wanted all along…



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  • Shaun

    The Nokia X Android store has also been hacked to run on Sailfish.

    Somewhat ironic that I can buy apps from the Nokia store on my Jolla but not on my Nokia anymore.

  • Bloob

    It’s kind of a pity that Play-store has become so dominant that access to it is required for the platform to be viewed viable. Us developers should release Android apps to as many Android appstores as possible, monopolies aren’t good.

    • Viipottaja

      True. Do you develop Windows /WP apps as well?

      • Bloob

        I’ve made some for myself (little things that I haven’t got around to polishing enough to release), and one for work, whenever a customer wants wp-support basically. Might have more work on W8/WP this year. For most of it, I’m not the one who decides where the app is published/released.

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  • manu

    nokia x series seems a better option than lumia

    • Shaun

      With better hardware maybe. The current X hardware is quite slow. It’s slower than a Galaxy S2 for instance.

      Microsoft BTW have just announced support for the same Snapdragon 200 chipset so I would guess in 6 months to a years time we’ll see a Lumia 400 series replacing this and Asha.

      • jiipee

        They might not Kill x Series since the plan seems to be going even lower price points.

      • Me

        It’s not only about hardware support, you seem to forget licensing.
        The license for WP is a very big cost on cheaper smartphones and the license would make the devices a lot more expensive.
        With a higher sales price the device wouldn’t fit in the same device category any more and loose it’s biggest selling point that is the price.
        Most people seem to think that when Microsoft takes over they can get the license for free but it’s not that simple, they would need to license it for free to everyone or be the only manufacture to ship WP.
        That would mean that Microsoft would need to scratch current economic plans for WP and make a new one and get the board and maybe even the stock owners to accept it.
        It would also mean that Microsoft looses one of it’s main arguments in court against android being shipped for free.

    • sk

      Lumia 520 is so far one of my favorite smartphones. It’s cheap, but performance is pretty reasonable. I would still pick that over the X series.

  • L928

    Where I can get one of the X phones (x x+ XL)? I want addition android device to my Lumia 928? The only thing I want on it is file transfer via Bluetooth, have whatsapp, and front camera..yeah pretty much that’s it

    • JLIT99

      Depends on where you live.. if you live in the US, Korea or Japan, you are going to have to check eBay as there aren’t going to be official sales in shops.

  • kornofilo

    still a lot of apps will not work right away, a lot of the new android apps are based on some libraries that are dependent of google services. that is one of the reasons some games and apps need to be rewriten to work in android

    • kornofilo

      *nokia’s android

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  • Systematic Systematic

    Well, and why Nokia needed so long time to get understand that any company is FOR customers to serve them, but not vice versa? What take so long time and so many lost opportunities while playing costly games with Windows and Elop?

    And when a device with Sailfish will appear?

  • JLIT99

    Here’s an interesting tidbit – Nokia is discouraging developers from making Windows Phone style apps for the Nokia X. They say users “might consider the Windows Phone panoramic view as uneffective since it does not work satisfyingly in landscape orientation.”

    So essentially, the experience will be full Android outside of the home and lock screens.

    Nokia’s Linux developers don’t have the same views as Stephen Elop on Windows Phone, obviously.

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