Nokia updates Spaceselfie shows off Imaging SDK1.1 magic

| March 8, 2014 | 3 Replies

A prominent feature in the latest Nokia  Imaging SDK 1.1  is called Interactive Foreground Segmentation Chromakey, its an API that a developer can use in the camera view finder to let his users pick a single color and have it replaced with a picture even before the end user takes the shot, which means the user can adjust the framing of the background picture too on the fly.


How to demonstrate this? Space selfies… of course… :D, Nokia released a cute little app called Spaceselfies the app lets you take pictures with your front or back cameras then lets you choose the background color you want to remove and viola you can now pick a background from a handful of space themed backgrounds frame them to your liking and take the shot, you can then proceed to adding filters and then share them.
Of course you can opt to import a picture you already have and it doesn’t even have to be a selfie much like what I did with this awesome Lumia 1520 package.


Note: We choose not to report on the cool app because it had a bug where you couldn’t save or share your creation and we had to screen shot them out of it, but today Spaceselfie got the update it needs and I feel good about sharing it with you to enjoy.

You can download the app here use the hashtag #spaceselfie in Twitter or Instagram where you’ll also find some hilarious shots and a couple of scary ones 😀

Have an out of this world day ;).


* Featured picture source twitter via @joanpuigg.

* Thanks for Sami Pippuri     ‏@pippuri  for correcting me. 🙂


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