Nokia Silently Drops Cyan and White Lumia 2520 Color Options

| March 10, 2014 | 70 Replies


Back at Nokia world when the Lumia 2520 was announced, it was said to be available in 4 colors: red, white, cyan and black; of these only the red and black would be available in the US (via At&t/Verizon). However now it seems that the cyan and white have also disappeared from the global market, as they have yet to be seen in stock (as far as we can gather) as well as being removed from the color options on the official Nokia global site.


I’m sure many of our readers are disappointed as I’ve seen a lot of demand for the cyan option in particular, but alas…


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  • Muerte

    WTH Nokia, Cyan is the most desired colour, are they having problems with the production or why is it so rare nowadays?

    • Aliqudsi

      Quite possible, as Cyan lumias in general have become very rare, ever since the switch to WP8. The 900 was super popular in Cyan but after that not a peep…

      • Janne

        Grey Lumia 920. Now, there’s an unicorn in the west. :)

      • Ronit

        The Cyan L720 is actually quite popular in India. My wife has one.

        • Janne

          Indeed, some Lumia colors seem to have only regional availability.

  • Janne

    So many Lumia colors have not surfaced – or not surfaced widely.

    Or maybe it is all because of Surface. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nah, I think it is just the niche nature of a Windows RT tablet by Nokia. Making many colors makes little logistical sense. Nokia has been aiming for less colors lately, e.g. Asha 503 was launched with lots of colors but is available in only a few of them…

    • Random Random


      Someone here just made a claim that Nokia was the first one shipping phones with colors.

      I wonder how it’s possible to ship a phone having no color whatsoever.

      The Nokia fanboys.

      They just praise Nokia.

      • Janne

        I’m not sure if Nokia was the first company to ship phones in a multitude of colors, but over its history I think Nokia has been one of the few prominent ones to constantly ship lots of phones with a wide selection of colors.

      • Viipottaja


        It is argued that black is actually not a color. So it would be possible to ship a phone with no color (or very little of it).



        • Random Random


          Very little of light is reflected from a black phone.

          There is no way to ship a completely black phone.

          On the other had back is a color.


          • Viipottaja

            Black is technically not a color.

            • Random Random

              For the normal people black is a color.


              Show me one 100% black phone.

              • Viipottaja

                “So it would be possible to ship a phone with no color (or very little of it).”

                You remind me of Sheldon. ๐Ÿ˜€

                • Janne


                • Random Random

                  Remind you of what?

                  In any case.

                  Black is a color.

                  There are lots of examples of other manufacturers shipping phones with colors.

                  “Someone here just made a claim that Nokia was the first one shipping phones with colors.”

                  Nokia was not the first one to do that.

                  • Viipottaja

                    True. The first Moto was probably grey or beige or some such color.

                    • Random Random


                      You could have said so if I reminded you about Motorola. Cryptic messages leads to failures on communication.


                      It’s a classic story made by Nokia fans claiming how Nokia invented colors on phones.

                    • Viipottaja

                      So which color were you talking about then?

                    • Janne

                      Often, by “color”, when discussing electronics people do mean colors that are different from the usual shades of grey, beige and black. Those basic shades are not associated with colorful, especially not in electronics.

                      It would be, indeed, interesting to know who was the first to use other colors in mobile phones. I remember a dark violet Motorola from the 1990s, but by that time Nokia had already used a lot of color in their phones.

                      Anyone recall which company was the first, at least the first wider user, with colorful colors (as defined above) in phones?

                    • Janne

                      By the way, had anyone else done easily swappable color-covers prior to Nokia 5110?

                      Even if someone had done colorful phones before that, I’d say Nokia 5110 certainly pushed the world colorful to new dimensions with not only a wide range of bold colors, but also a mechanism for easy swappability.

                    • Janne

                      (And just to clarify above, obviously Nokia themselves had already done colorful phones before Nokia 5110. 5110 was different only in the sense that you could change the color without a screwdriver, it was not the first non-black/grey/beige/white Nokia of course.)

                    • Random Random

                      Any color.


                      There are lots of walkie talkies made in 50’s and 60’s having a wide variety of colors.

                      Those still count as mobile phones.

                      Not modern digital ones, but mobile phones.

                      Nokia was definitely not the first one to use colors on mobile phones.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Walkie talkies don’t count as phones. You cannot dial any number on them.

                      So if you are referring to any color, then Moto with their black and grey would be the first.

                    • Random Random


                      Pretty much all phones have colors. There is just no way around it.

                      Then again, using a method to dial a number or a specific phone was invented only after the invention of a phone.

                      “In 1876, shortly after the telephone was invented, Hungarian engineer Tivadar Puskรกs invented the telephone switchboard which allowed for the formation of telephone exchanges, and eventually networks.[5]”

                      If you start adding specific features on phones there wouldn’t be and to it. Walkie talkies are phones. They are mobile. They however don’t allow you to dial any number on them. But they are still phones and mobile.

                      Only Nokia fanboys claim how Nokia invented the colors on mobile phones.

                      And maybe Tomi Ahonen. But then again Tomi Ahonen is a liar and he fabricates numbers and pretty much anything allowing him to badmouth Nokia.


                      Tomi Ahonen should not be trusted since he is one of the worst analyst of all time.

                    • Viipottaja

                      No. You are wrong. Walkie talkies are of course mobile (in the sense of not being tethered to a wall but they do need to be in fairly close proximity to each other) communication devices, not mobile/cell phones.

                      Yes, of course all mobile phones have some color. And colors are not invented. Some cell phone manufacturer started using a color other that hues of black and grey. It may have been Nokia, may have been someone else.

                    • Random Random

                      I was talking about phones.

                      A walkie talkie isn’t a cell phone.

                      A mobile phone? A phone that’s mobile. Yes.

                      A modern mobile phone? No.

                    • Viipottaja

                      No, you are wrong. A walkie talkie is not even a phone, its a two way radio device. Second, you know as well as anyone that we, including you, are and were talking about cell phones here.

                    • Random Random

                      I was more like talking about designs here.

                      Walkie talkie designs are not unknown to mobile phones. They actually share lots of ideas as far as industrial design is concerned. The designs of early cell phones actually resemble some walkie talkies.

                      You could say that Nokia was the first who used colors for certain type of mobile phones. Sure. You could continue saying how Apple was the first one who had a 64bit phone using a color.

                      But it really wouldn’t matter.

                      This is a matter of design.

                    • Viipottaja

                      We were talking about cell phone design and you know it. :) Thanks for admitting that Nokia may have been the first to use “non-standard” colors on cell phones.

                      And yes, like you say, it really doesn’t matter. In fact, I would go as far as to say: who the f*** cares. Perhaps you shouldn’t or should not have either. :) It’s not really that serious.

                    • Janne

                      Trippy stuff. :)

                      But if anyone can remember which cell-phone manufacturer first used non-black/grey/white/beige colors on cell-phones (year? model? maker?), that would be cool info. And who was the first to use really bright such colors?

                      Nokia at least used such colors by first half of 1990s, but did they or someone else do it already earlier?

                    • Random Random


                      Nokia has always been the first to use colors in specific models manufactured only by Nokia.

                      Mobile phone design evolves just as the mobile phones.

                      People like Tomi Ahonen tell us how javame enabled low end phones can’t be counted as computers, but at the same time he keeps saying how the computers from the 50’s are real computers. Are. Not were. Even while those cheap javame enabled cheap phones are much more powerful than the computers of the 50’s.

                      You talk about cell phones. I have rarely mentioned cell phones but mobile phones or handsets.

                      About the color.


                      This is one of the first mobile phones as we know them today. It has color. The next thing would be talking about how much and which color there should be.

                      Look at the keys.


                    • Viipottaja

                      Yes. I noticed those red keys when I looked up the first Motos yesterday. But figured I’d let you bring them up, given that its so ridiculous.


                      Also thought you actually meant what you said “You could say that Nokia was the first who used colors for certain type of mobile phones.”

                      But I guess not. So perhaps I should retrieve my thank you. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :)

                    • ganyaik

                      The Nokia 6110 predates the 5110 according to wikipedia.

                      Was checking the E/// T18 as well, but that seems to have come later.

                    • ganyaik

                      Above was for Janne. Just had to leave computer while typing.

                    • Viipottaja

                      @Janne, trippy indeed. :)

                      This might be one of the first ones? Never heard of it so I guess it was way ahead of its time, back when colors had not yet been invented.. ๐Ÿ˜›

                      “Fabrizio Galli won the NTZIAN Prize 1993 for the Swatch phone. It was available in a series of bright colours including blue, green and transparent;”

                      Hmm… “transparent”. Is that a color? Now my head is exploding, this puts the whole discussion in a completely new light!


                    • Viipottaja

                      Damn it, looks like Nokia did invent ๐Ÿ˜› colorful cell phones, look at that 1992 bright red 6080 in this historygramme:


                    • Random Random


                      I’m not familiar with that mobile phone. Are you suggesting it predates the phone I linked to?

                      Nokia has been the first to use colors on certain types of mobile phones. A type can be Symbian based, NMT, GSM or something else. Even a phone with 64 bit OS can be considered one type of phone.


                      Every model is a type of it’s own.

                      A transparent phone wouldn’t have any color if it really was completely transparent. However there is no such thing as there are no completely black phones ever manufactured.

                      Sure. Some Nokia fanboys and Tomi Ahonen may claim how Nokia invented colors. That doesn’t make it true.


                    • Janne

                      Thanks for the link Viipottaja. I remembered those 1993-1994 models myself, but that 1992 was a nice find – as was the timeline picture itself. Nice perspective there.

                      So, it seems unusual bright colors from Nokia starting at least around 1992. But the picture also has Excell PC105 around 1984, in blue. That might count. As far as I can gather, Excell was a business Nokia later acquired.

                      I’m sure Nokia didn’t invent the use of color on phones, but they sure seem to have been pretty early and active with unusual-for-electronics colors.

                      Anyway, this was an interesting walk down the memory lane, thanks guys. The trippy stuff got a little trippy, though. :)

                    • Viipottaja

                      RR, liar liar, pants on fire! ๐Ÿ˜„
                      Didn’t your mom and dad tell you it’s not nice to lie? By type you meant cell phones in general.

                      @Janne, you welcome and thanks, been fun talking with you too, as always.

                    • Random Random


                      You no longer make any sense.

                      I must assume you are drunk.

                      Once you no longer are drunk, you may want to re-review my message.

                      There are several types of phones and ultimately one model can be considered a type of phones. I wouldn’t go as far as considering a batch of one model as a type.

                      Then again.

                      Maybe you would like to say how Apple was the first one to use colors on a 64bit modern smartphone.

                      This serves what purpose?


                    • Viipottaja

                      Lol, not drunk although talking to you also gives a slamming, horrible headache.

                      Not acknowledging the (fairly insignificant) fact that Nokia was one of the first if not the first to use bright colors in cell phones (and yes, you do know we are and were and you were too talking about cell phones – any “fancy” (newsflash – it’s not that fancy, we all took that logic class) logical deduction you try to put out there won’t change it) is as much bullshit as claiming that Apple is somehow copycatting Nokia with their 5c colors. Nokia was using bright colors from 1992, Apple is now using them in 5c. Who the fuck cares.

                      Also, no one – AFAIK, not that I have read every single comment here – claimed Nokia INVENTED colors in cellphones. You are the one who started using the word. :)Nokia DID start using bright colors earlier than most, if not anyone, in cell phones which you know everyone here is talking about.

                      Heard of meaning and significance of context? Maybe they give a class in your institution that can help explain it to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    • Viipottaja

                      Lol, not drunk although talking to you also gives a slamming, horrible headache.

                      Not acknowledging the (fairly insignificant) fact that Nokia was one of the first if not the first to use bright colors in cell phones (and yes, you do know we are and were and you were too talking about cell phones โ€“ any โ€œfancyโ€ (newsflash โ€“ itโ€™s not that fancy, we all took that logic class) logical deduction you try to put out there wonโ€™t change it) is as much nonsense as claiming that Apple is somehow copycatting Nokia with their 5c colors. Nokia was using bright colors from 1992, Apple is now using them in 5c. Who the f cares.

                      Also, no one โ€“ AFAIK, not that I have read every single comment here โ€“ claimed Nokia INVENTED colors in cellphones. You are the one who started using the word. :)Nokia DID start using bright colors earlier than most, if not anyone, in cell phones which you know everyone here is talking about.

                      Heard of meaning and significance of context? Maybe they give a class in your institution that can help explain it to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    • Random Random


                      Better start saying that.

                      People laughing out loudly while talking with someone online may appear weird.

                      If you were not drunk, then why were you explaining something as bizarre as claiming that my clothing in on fire?

                      It just doesn’t make sense. Then again I’m not native in English and my English skills are next to crappy (like most people’s on MNB) making it possible that you are using some new expression I’m not familiar with.

                      Also. I don’t have to lie.

                      When talking about mobile designs, like the industrial design of the product or perhaps the UI of the product, I have been referring to products used for similar or only slightly different purposes.

                      I have been pointing out how Apple had graphical user interfaces on a mobile device long before Nokia shipped one. Pointing that out is quite reasonable when talking out about user interfaces for small handheld devices.

                      Now what’s really the difference on the usage of colors between old walkie talkies (used for talking without wired) and 90’s mobile phones (also used for talking)?

                      Of course the 90’s mobile phones are more evolved. However this was more about the design and designing a product used for talking without wires.

                      Walkie talkies are devices used for mobile communications just like the computers from 50’s are devices used for running programs. Both are very primitive compared to their modern counterparts but still can be considered something you can compare the modern products to if you focus on something they still have in common. Speed, industrial design and performance are things like that. And color.

                      It’s really hard to understand why the designs shouldn’t be compared remembering how the early mobile phones borrowed lots of design ideas from walkie talkies.

                      Of course it may depend on the point of view. My point of view is to pinpoint the origin of the design. That makes it quite natural to include the products mobile phones borrowed their design ideas from.

                      What’s your point of view? Are you trying to say how Nokia perhaps had exclusive right for some type of industrial design back in 1992 as far as using colors is included? Or something else?

                      “Nokia invented the colors on mobile phones” or similar is not a word but a sentence.


                      What logic class are you referring to?

                    • Viipottaja

                      1) lol is just an equivalent of a smilie. Thought it was funny you suggested I must be drunk. I really wonder if you ever smile/laugh? :)

                      2) I guess you are having your own private discussion then. Within your point of view/angle, of course one can expand to walkie talkies. However, no one else here is talking about anything other than cell phones and, as part of that cell phone design. Is it derived from a million different things? Of course.

                      3) Like I said, I don’t really care if Nokia used bright colors in cell phones (among the?) first or not. It is just a fact that they did. Obviously, they never had or have any exclusive right to colors, nor did I ever say or even imply that.

                      4) “โ€œNokia invented the colors on mobile phonesโ€ or similar is not a word but a sentence.” Thanks for pointing that out. What I was saying is that, AFAIK, it is you who started using that sentence and the word invented as part of it. What I have seen some other commenters say is that Apple is copying Nokia’s colors/idea to use more colors in cell phones. That is different, and may even have some merit to it, but is completely insignificant. Further, rather than it being copying it is much more likely to be just ebb and flow of design trends, in which both Nokia and Apple swim in.

                      5) Logic course reference -the course that pretty much everyone takes as part of their university level studies.

                    • Random Random

                      People like to smile. They also like to eat. Not everything you like to do is reasonable to post here.

                      I have seen people commenting about products of the past. For example when Apple got some legal protection for some types of rectangles used as design elements on modern phones.

                      Maybe this is about double standards. When it’s Apple doing the design it’s acceptable to look for prior art no matter how ancient. When it’s Nokia, looking at products of the past is no longer something you should do.


                      Definitely double standards here.

                      The logic.

                      I was asking about the specific logic class. There are more than one of those.

                      Maybe you were referring to some specific point of view? At least as far as I know of, there are some differences on how specific points of views are emphasized.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Unfortunately you don’t get to tell what is reasonable what is not. I smile and use smiles whenever I want. :)

                      I am not aware what you are talking about with regard to Apple and rectangles. I don’t apply double standards, maybe some people do.

                      You can pick any logics class in which logical deductionism is/was explained – you may have missed the part though where they thought that it is not always the appropriate approach to take, especially beyond certain points in the logical chain.

                      LOL and ๐Ÿ˜€

  • vkvraju

    I thought the Nokia Lumia 2520 looks gorgeous in Red amongst all other colours. I saw a Nokia Lumia 720 in Cyan and was not at all impressed at how it looked to me. That could be me though,

  • Janne

    Nokia (or soon Microsoft) should really stop launching phones in colors that are not shipping. Too many people just wait for their favorite color and when it comes late, buy something else before that.

    Just launch the colors you are shipping. Add new ones later if you want to, but don’t launch and then delay or cancel colors…

    • Shane


      • Janne

        Nokia never really properly fixed the “announce and ship very soon afterwards” that Elop promised to fix. Only in few occasions have they fixed that, mostly it is just bad as ever – or even worse.

        • Random Random


          People keep blaming Elop for that but in reality it’s just the Nokia way of doing this. Announcing too early and shipping alpha versions even years before the actual product is usable.

          Nokia promised to fix the Symbian application issues with Qt back in 2008. After the first release it took at least two years before the product was actually usable.

          Some blame Elop for that but in reality it’s ignorant Nokia fans like Tomi Ahonen to blame.

          • BJ

            Man… you have an issue with Symbian. Why didn’t you make a switch to something else before? Why whine?

            • Random Random


              You clearly would like to silence me.

              We should never forget how bad Symbian was. That’s the only way of avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

              Maybe you would like to see the same mistakes happen again?


          • ganyaik

            Or more like, whoever was in charge in sw development. Symbian and Qt are software. They don’t make decisions and ruin companies. People do.

            You really should target your anger/hate on whoever let the situation to turn that bad.

            • Random Random


              There really is no anger/hate.

              Symbian and Qt on mobile were the outcome.

              The world should never again see that flawed outcome.

              That’s why Symbian and 2008-2010’s Mobile Qt shouldn’t be forgotten.

              • ganyaik

                Just trying to understand. So, is it, ultimately, the quality of Symbian(and Qt on Symbian Symbian) Nokia had back in the day you’re unsatisfied with?

                • Random Random

                  I’m unsatisfied if the Symbian Qt disaster happens again. For any company.

                  I don’t think there are too many people who really were satisfied with Symbian and the amount of the Qt applications developed for it.

                  You are absolutely correct about pointing out how Nokia should have focused on Symbian 3’s version of Qt and just forget the old Symbian versions.

                  It was probably an attempt to gain good publicity. If the old Symbian versions were forgotten, the relative installed base of Qt enabled devices would have been 5 million in the end of 2010.

                  Of course that was the outcome anyway since Qt really wasn’t that feature complete on the older versions of Symbian. And not even on the Symbian 3 but that’s another story.

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  • BJ

    Nobody knows about 2520. In some countries you cannot find it on display anywhere and the only way would be to order online without seeing it first. Not many people opt for that.

  • twig

    Perhaps they will 3rd party rubber cases like the awesome 920. I really like my yellow 920 but also the grey rubber case as well, perfect fit.

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    • Viipottaja

      You welcome.

  • Jasyn

    The whole Red, Yellow, or Black thing they’ve had going on lately is getting a bit long in the tooth.

    Still, the 630 leaks have shown Green…Orange…so maybe they’re branching out. Strange that they dropped Cyan though.

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  • Ziad Mohamed

    Ali, we still don’t even have the Lumia 2520 here in Egypt

    do you imagine??? :'(

  • Rui Moraes

    Here in Brazil, after the arrival fo WIndows Phone 8, except Lumia 920 and 1020, all models of Nokia Lumia have only in black and white.

    • Janne

      I believe in Canada a similar situation also applies, at least to one of the carriers there. The operator dislikes brighter colors, it seems.

      Just like U.S.’s Verizon often seems to do. Then again, they dislike everything that looks nice.

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