Nokia Granted Patent for Off Screen Gestures and Symbols; 3D Touch/Gestures Incoming?

| March 18, 2014 | 10 Replies


Nokia has received a patent for “Off-screen” gestures and actions that occur outside the general display area. Meaning that the user can interact with his phone anywhere, not just the part that turns on; possibly making usage of the huge bezels that just won’t go away. This can have a wide range of applications, just as simply “drawing” a letter on the screen to launch an app (like the letter “M” launching Music in the image above), or writing a command on the screen such as “Call mum”. While all this might seem slightly gimmicky, it actually could have a huge range of uses, especially for large screened phones such as the Lumia 1520, since this might lead to text input by simply drawing, or circling items on the screen? It might also come in use when the Action center hits with 8.1, as there might be some added function by off screen gestures.

We previously heard that Nokia were working on 3D gestures which were supposed to debut with their first 8.1 devices. However we’ve heard that the devices supporting 3D gestures will NOT be amongst the first wave of Nokia WP 8.1 devices, and we might have to wait a bit longer for them.


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