Jolla Hacks: Unlimited Multitasking and Control Center

| April 3, 2014 | 5 Replies


Jolla Hacks is a new category I’m going to start covering, much like I did with N9Hacks in the past.

Despite Sailfish OS only just growing out of it’s Beta title, the community has been very active. Between developing native clients for apps like Whatsapp, to creating WiFi Hotspot apps that have been integrated into OS updates by Jolla, there is no denying that the community support is there.

Lucien, an extremely talented dev, has hacked the OS and allows other devs to create “patches” using his PatchManager tweak. This has huge potential for the community. It doesn’t stop there though! He has used his creation to patch the homescreen of Sailfish OS.

With this patch, he has opened up two new hacks; Unlimited Multitasking, and Control Center.

Unlimited Multitasking changes the limit in the multitasking menu from a maximum of 9 simultaneously open apps (though I think I remember Jolla saying more than 9 will run in the background) to, well, unlimited. You will get pages of open apps on your homescreen now, just like you do with the application grid.


The second tweak, Control Center really excites me. On the lock screen, swiping to the side gives you a list of Ambiences (Jolla’s themes and pre-defined profile rules). Thanks to Lucien’s tweak, you can replace this with the toggles found in the Settings app.


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