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Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 is wildly held to be the premier Arcade style racer on Windows Phone, Android and iOS and is free for all to download (works on WP devices with 512MB RAM such as the Lumia 520 as well). The downside for Windows Phone users has been that the WP version has always been weeks if not seemingly MONTHS behind the versions that are on iOS and Android when it comes to features. While Asphalt 8 on WP (and Windows 8/RT) is a great game at it’s core, it was missing the new cars, tracks, music, modes and bonuses that iOS and Android users have been enjoying with every new update.

Well…Not any more! Gameloft has FINALLY updated the WP version to match the features of the iOS and Android versions and it is a huge update indeed.

From Gameloft:

  • We’re celebrating the Year of the Horse by adding some horsepower to the game with a whole new Asian-inspired racing location! Discover the Great Wall with your McLaren P1, Ferrari Testarossa or any of the other new dream cars!
  • Explore the Far East: Race through the gorgeous new Asian-inspired location, the Great Wall, which will provide 6 new tracks like you’ve never seen before — but don’t get distracted by the beauty of the scenery or you might fall off the edge.
  • New cars coming: Stay tuned as we’ll regularly release amazing new cars, including the unique 2014 McLaren P1, along with the iconic Ferrari Testarossa, and the powerful Dodge Challenger! More of a cross-country racing fan? The mighty 2014 Ford F-150 is there for you too!
  • Immersion at its finest: Get hyped for the ride of your life with a new soundtrack and way more to discover! New songs come from The Crystal Method, Band of Skulls, and Silversun pickups.
  • Overall bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking improvements.
  • Leaderboard changes: inactive players drop off the global leaderboard after two weeks.

I have taken several screenshots that will provide a preview of some (but not all) of the content in this massive new update:

New Cars!


wp_ss_20140425_0004 wp_ss_20140424_0023 wp_ss_20140424_0022 wp_ss_20140424_0028 wp_ss_20140424_0016 wp_ss_20140424_0017

It appears that as of this writing, the SRT 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (the awesome green car above) is currently only available in the Windows Phone and Windows versions at this time. The new vehicles become available for purchase at random intervals so we may see new vehicles that are on iOS, Android and Windows Phone that may not be available on all platforms at the same time.

Pro Tip: The Challenger NEEDS the acceleration upgrades badly…it is one heavy and slow beast to get it going but once it is going, watch out as it is fast!


New Location with New Tracks!


wp_ss_20140424_0019 wp_ss_20140424_0018 wp_ss_20140425_0001 wp_ss_20140424_0015 wp_ss_20140424_0025 wp_ss_20140424_0026 wp_ss_20140425_0009 wp_ss_20140424_0011


New Time Limited Events and Bonuses!


wp_ss_20140425_0011 wp_ss_20140425_0005 wp_ss_20140424_0027


Improvements in Multiplayer, new Win Streak bonuses and rewards for playing the game!


wp_ss_20140425_0002 wp_ss_20140425_0010 wp_ss_20140424_0008 wp_ss_20140424_0024


New Music and more!


wp_ss_20140424_0007 wp_ss_20140424_0004

All in all, this is THE update that Asphalt 8 fans have been waiting for and I encourage you to give the game a try if you haven’t. Asphalt 8 is free and works for all Windows Phone 8/8.1 devices. Even if you have uninstalled Asphalt 8 before this update, it may be worth a second look and if you have a Windows based computer (a USB controller works great!), there are hours of fun to be had with all of the new content there as well. Did I mention it is free?

Lastly, YES, you can play the game and earn everything without spending any real money. If you are a person who doesn’t have time or want to spend time playing and earning virtual currency to buy cars, you can always pay to have the privilege to skip the driving efforts and just unlock what you desire.

Asphalt 8 – Windows Phone 8/8.1  Store Link

Asphalt 8 – Windows 8/8.1 and RT  Store Link


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