Postcard from @Nokia_Connects HERE to stay – looking forward to making 2014 a year to remember!

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The folks at Nokia Connects are doing what they do best and connecting with their connectors. It’s been a fantastic whirlwind of a journey with the Nokia Connects and 1000 heads crew.

The postcard above talks about the Las Vegas event, CES 2007, the first one I attended. The first time they invited me somewhere was back in 2006 to New York, but back then, I had never heard of such an organisation connecting with their audiences in such a way so promptly and appropriately thought I ignored an identity scam (my online identity was more or less anonymous too on a forum).


Their message says

“Hi Jay, Thank you for saying yes when we invited you to Las Vegas out of the blue seven years ago. My how things have changed! Those memories aren’t going anywhere and neither are we. Whatever the future brings, we hope you’ll be standing by our side. We look forward to making 2014 a year to remember. You? Regards, Nokia Connects.’

To think that a company I admire and was obsessed with would say, “hey, you, random person who likes us a lot and talks about us frequently. Why not come with us, check out some our newest devices and see what else we do” and words to that effect. From being a member in an online mobile community to having our own community here at MyNokiaBlog – it was the collective spark and support from the Nokia Connects team and of course, our amazing audience, contributing readers, awesome tippers, and team of writers. As we said from the beginning of the Nokia-MS D&S announcement, we’ll keep doing this for as long as there’s interesting Nokia related things to talk about. For us, the fun is what keeps this place going and lucky are those that get to do things because it’s fun.

I’m aware there are some issues with the cache system that means the site doesn’t show the newest post at times unless the page is refreshed. Apologies for the inconvenience and the scare some have received thinking we had stopped posting. We’ll keep sharing posts one way or another. Here, twitter, facebook and other venues. There’s still much to share and shout about, whether we are reminiscing about old Nokias, or celebrating things our Nokias are achieving or speculating about future Nokias or discussions about Nokia politics, controversies and tangible Nokia connections.

Time is often our biggest issue due to outside life commitments meaning we aren’t always able to post but when we can, we will! We always welcome any contributions for stories, be they links or ones you’ve written, whether you have ones ready to share or perhaps you’d like to join the team behind the scenes. More than ever it’s important for the remaining Nokia fans to stay connected. 🙂

Thank you guys!


Sam also tweeted that he got one of these postcards too 😀

Mapantz also says he got one in the post too! I couldn’t quite access the image but here’s his comment.

I received a postcard from Nokia this morning, hand written (instead of mass-printed)
I have tested/trialled a number of phones from Nokia, so I found this a nice gesture. I’m sure that many people received one of these, but it made me happy and sad at the same time.
I’m looking forward to the future after the acquisition. 🙂



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