Rumored WP 8.1.1 Features: Includes Deeper Action Center Controls, Non-Beta Cortana and More

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Action CenterAlthough WP 8.1 isn’t even out for the general public yet; and is still receiving some bug fixes and tweaks here and there; a user on reddit has listed what he claims is a changelog for an upcoming WP 8.1.1 Update (GDR 1 that Tom Warren mentioned perhaps?). The full rumored changelog is listed below, but it seems to mainly focus on deeper implementation into the Action center; from things like Music control, “features” and more detailed notifications.

I assume the more detailed notifications would mean you can view more than a single line of a message in the center, as currently a whatsapp message won’t show you much more than a few words;which makes it difficult to assess the importance of said messages at a glance.

It seems the lockscreen features we saw at BUILD will come as well, along with a store integration for background wallpapers for the start screen (which can actually be pretty hard to come by since it requires a image that isn’t too distracting or flashy). Just as long as backgrounds themes don’t start counting towards the number of available apps like they did in Symbian.

  • Interactive live tiles
  • Lock screen applications will be built inside core system
  • Features in Action Center
  • Music controls in Action Center
  • More detailed notifications in Action Center
  • Dividing line in Action Center
  • Application Games to be deleted and replaced with Xbox One application dealing with avatar, messages, remote and other features.
  • Name to be decided YouTube application to be built completely with html 5 coding as requested by Google
  • Instagram application to have DIRECT MESSAGING and better video uploading capabilities and camera fixes UI for camera to be tweaked with enhanced features from Nokia Camera application
  • KIK Messenger to be finished in late June, overhauled design and html 5 support Skype with completely new design.
  • Messages in bubbles and chat heads similar to Facebook messenger?
  • Facebook messenger to have improved notifications, polished design and new set of fonts along with video chat, calling and improved emoji store
  • OneNote to have many new features as Word.
  • A possible merger Ability to set WordFlow’s guide line to accent invisible
  • Give users choice to have invisible tiles on individual applications
  • New lock screen gestures input and other unique, disclosed password input technique options
  • Calculator upgrades to version 2 with more scientific features
  • Month view drastically changed in design in calendar application
  • Alarm application to feature a stopwatch, timer and splits
  • Cortana to head out of beta
  • Internet Explorer applications
  • Give uses the choice to delete Podcasts application
  • New voice memo application Backgrounds (Accent Colour 2)
  • Store with wallpapers from featured applications
  • Ability to favorite applications in store to better suggestions
  • Unit converting applications
  • Change colour of keyboard to black, white, gray, accent colour without changing background color
  • Keep word suggestion bar hidden until something is typed
  • Tiles to update as frequently as 30 seconds if feature is turned on by user or developer
  • Music volume controls to be centered
  • OneNote having abilities to use art tools
  • Facebook application from official company
  • Email/Outlook application to follow same design as computer base
  • Photos will have description such as name, place and time

According to the poster this update s coming sometime in the Summer, which lines up with Tom Warren’s tweet about GDR1 being available as soon as July; hopefully this is all true, but as always not everything you read on the internet is true.





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