What’s Next for MyNokiaBlog?

| April 30, 2014 | 122 Replies

mnb(1)We’ve been reading a lot of comments suggesting what’s next for MNB; and that’s a difficult question to answer. We love the community that we’ve built here and all our dedicated readers; we take pride in being the go-to source for anything Nokia related, whether it’s a simple how-to guide, or a long rant about who did what wrong.

We’ve had some amazing times, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it; unfortunately though as many of you are aware the site has been hit with some major stability issues over the past month; with problems all over the place; and almost 72 hours of downtime earlier this month during the Build conference. In short MyNokiaBlog has gotten a bit slow, at times it’s been frustrating trying to post or viewing the site to see no new content due to some cache errors; and for that we appreciate it all the more that you, our readers stuck with us.

So what’s next? 

There is no easy solution to any of this, and we’ve discussed it between ourselves multiple times, and for us the most valuable thing on MNB isn’t the huge archive of near 11,000 published posts, nor the insane amount of comments; it’s you. Our readers. And if we can’t provide an enjoyable browsing experience then everything else we do has gone to waste.

Unfortunately with time, the amount of directly Nokia related news has decreased; we’ve adapted slightly at MNB by expanding our coverage of Windows Phone, and posting the occasional Jolla article every now and then; but we feel it’s not enough. We miss the engaging days when there were tens of posts a day about the most random of topics; and of which every one of our readers had an opinion on. For a while it has felt as if the twinkle of passion has been covered by the ill feelings towards the Nokia/Microsoft deal; with almost every post turning into a war zone. Instead of looking forward to the new technologies to come, we’ve been obscured by our undying loyalty to the Nokia that once was. Any way you cut it, the Nokia that we really cared about is now Microsoft Mobile; and I’m confident a great deal of our readers don’t care much about NSN solutions, or Nokia’s non-device related sectors; lets face it we loved Nokia for their amazing phones, bold designs, and insane cameras, but most importantly we loved the soul and heart that went into each device, the pride and passion we’d hear and see in the product managers voice/eye’s as he/she revealed why their phone is so amazing. We fell in love with the human side of Nokia, almost as much as we did with the plastic and aluminum of their devices.

And the people responsible for those amazing devices are now mostly part of Microsoft Mobile, and like I’ve said before if the people who have poured their countless hours into making these devices can be excited for what the future holds, then so can we!

Onto the site…

Our down time earlier this month forced us to show a project that wasn’t 100% ready yet; which was our sister site “GeekOnGadgets.Com“; we weren’t sure where we wanted to go with it, but we knew we wanted to take *you* with us. We want to carry the same style of “informal” blogging and honest ranting that made you choose us over the countless other options out there; but we want to do it with a fresh face to match a fresh future that the Nokia we love has gotten. We want to carry with us your reader generated stories, ideas and crazy designs; most of all we want to carry with us the shared love of the technology industry.

(Typical @evleaks getting the inside scoop before everyone else)

For that we’ll be slowly shifting our posts towards GeekonGadgets, (with the posts being fed into the MNB social streams on Facebook & Twitter), we don’t want to lose MyNokiaBlog because it’s who we are, and Nokia is what brought us together. So instead of a shift we like to think of it as a sister site that’s going to be getting most of the attention. You’ll still be seeing the same stories written by the same people, but with a bit wider range of coverage; allowing us to dip our toes in uncharted waters (not to mention a fresh new design).

Like Nokia said in their postcard “those memories aren’t going anywhere”, and we hope we make many more together.

So why not hop over to GeekonGadgets and welcome the new sibling to the family? See you there!




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