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Munir Rahool revisits the Nokia X and critiques the way Nokia introduced their entry to the Android world. Cheers Munir!


Good or bad but Nokia did create ripples in rather calm seas of Android. Consumers are loving it, experienced users are hating it and there are some in-between, confused and misinformed users too who thought they will get the powers like S4 or Z2 in this price because it is Nokia and Android together.


As usual, Nokia is being ^Nokia^ – again. They could do something great for themselves but they axed their opportunities by over-playing. Both in hardware and software they left out small things that mattered more for consumers.


On Software Side

I am not against the changes Nokia go through to make Android their own. I like many of those changes but then there are some changes that were suppose to improve a user’s experience instead they cause confusions.



Nokia is a company known to produce OSes that were master of multitasking (Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo) and here they worked on Android like they have no clue how to handle an OS with multitasking capabilities no mater how limited it may be.


While using an app, switching to another app that we open before, is a disaster. And then there is no way for user to close running apps. The side effects are extra battery drainage and slower performance over the time. (Massive complains from users are evident yet I am having almost a day and half, sometimes 2 full days)



In N8 (or Symbian), Nokia managed one button very well but in Nokia X they did not think it through.


Personally for Android I would prefer at least 2 navigation buttons either virtual or capacitive.

1. Home, FastLane on long press

2. Back, App Tray on long press


But since there is only one capacitive button to work with, let us have List of running apps on Long Press, with links to Home screen and FastLane. There would be an extra couple of taps to get to Home screen or Fastlane/Notification but it will still be better than what we currently have to work with.



FastLane is cool. I wanted to try it since Asha but now having it in Nokia X it irritates me for one simple thing. If I am in an app, I cannot reach to my notifications right away. I will have to switch to Home screen first and from there I move to check notifications.


In Nokia X series, more direct approach to Fastlane from any app would improve users’ experience with Fastlane.


No Google Account Login

Many of the apps that are not working only because Nokia/Microsoft took away the option to Add Google Account. I understand Google vs Microsoft business war but I think Microsoft or Nokia is taking that competition way too personally, which is already biting them back in Nokia X. Plus it is easier for Google or Android Developers to sabotage entire X series.


Not allowing users to add a Google account is a move Nokia/Microsoft need to think over for their own greater good in near future. All they should do is prioritize their own services and treat Google account same as other accounts.




I love the keyboard Nokia set as default and this maybe not the ‘wrong’ but more like a missing option and a personal preference. I don’t like the key popup effect and it is the first thing I look to turn off. There is No option to turn that effect off in Nokia Keyboard.


Missed in Hardware


Andreno 203

The GPU today has to be stronger than Adreno 203. If not in Nokia X than Adreno 220 or better should be in Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.


This would justify the name (X+) and price and do great job by offering good entertainment package to users for better game play and smoother video playback.


Front Facing Camera

I believe 90% users are asking for Front Facing camera. I am not one of them but seeing the demand did surprise me. Nokia should’ve equipped Nokia X+ too with Front Facing camera for (again) justify the price and name.



This series is for budget users in developing countries. One of our (ideal users for affordable smartphones in developing countries) biggest problems is electricity outage several times in a day and night. Trust me when I say a Torch or Flashlight is very Important.


Nokia X being lowest in price hence more ideal to that market should have one, and so as Nokia X+. The display light doesn’t help much.


Processor and Ram

I think Nokia X and X+ are perfect in term of Ram and Processors combo. However Nokia XL should be More. I am not being demanding but realistic and honest in making that product (XL) to generate a positive swing in business for the company.


Nokia XL should have equipped with 1gigs of ram and better processor. I don’t mean a Quad-core range but a better dual-core with better GPU so at least it reaches to the likes of Moto G and now specially Moto E.


Or forget Moto G and Moto E, the real competition in these markets are from local brands and Nokia XL, with mentioned specs would easily top those local Android phones (made from China).


Yes, Nokia/Microsoft can correct these in next bunch IF they make more, but it was important the first time. Now, the company will have to work twice as hard to make people believe in this series.


Because unlike the past, today consumers have got more choices, better choices


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