Nokia Treasure Tag: Improve it with Memory and Battery Charging says GOKey

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Nokia Treasure Tag allows you to locate your tagged items or if you’ve lost your phone, use your treasure tag to make the phone ring. Should you lose contact with your tagged device, the Treasure Tag app keeps a log of the last known GPS position. Pretty cool.

Now, the device below, GoKey does a bit of the find and ring bit but it has a few of other additions that I reckon helps make this into an indispensable pocket friend. First it has a battery on it that supposedly can charge your phone for an additional 2 hours. Not a battery charger by any means for a hard day’s heavy use but enough to possibly make that important call/text/email. With the USB cable to charge the device, it also means you can hook up your device anywhere, transfer data or charge. Finally there are some memory options, should you want to store some data onto the GoKey itself.

The product isn’t made yet. They’re reached and broken their 40,000USD target (414,000USD). Their retail price is 79USD. More expensive than the treasure tag. The price (and size) is what prohibited some and having more features, battery charging pack would make a newer treasure tag more expensive. Also there’s the bother of draining the battery and not being able to use it as a tag anymore unless there’s some sort of reserve or alternate battery.

Good ideas or keep it simple?

At first glance btw, I thought the device was really tiny and the key bit was the microUSB connector. There’s also a possibly gimmicky ‘shake to find out remaining battery’, something that could be solved with a button. Perhaps there could be gyro charging though you’d need to shake it a lot to get enough juice for a phone.

GOkey Indiegogo Campaign Video from Go Devices, Inc. on Vimeo.



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