Microsoft considering putting Cortana on Android and iOS? How about expanding within your own ecosystem first?

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As per usual, instead of something being a Microsoft advantage, they’re also considering putting it out there for Android and iOS.

Could Cortana be enough of a difference for users to consider Windows Phone? Or would Microsoft be better off shedding the ‘exclusivity’ to capture users on different platforms? It seems as a mobile and cloud first company, it’s not about their own ‘mobile’ products anymore.

Could Cortana even be good enough to be on other platforms? How could integration work? Although thanks to Cortana, I’m using that Bing button more, I am not really using it for searches because it’s not good for that. What compelling things could they bring to Cortana other than those ‘funny’ prebaked answers? They reckon that if you’re a Windows PC user with a Kindle Tablet and an Android phone, if Cortana was on all platforms, then Cortana would know that person much better and could be of better use.

Skype and Office on other platforms might make sense since Skype is cross platform and essentially, office is too. I could see Cortana within the Windows family, their desktops, tablets and Xbox (Already halfway there with Kinect voice control). Skype and Office are both compelling enough that folks on other platforms would choose it. But Cortana? I can’t see sufficient benefit from taking it to the other OSes, at least not at this stage.

This speaks more of Microsoft’s confidence in their own platform. Expand within your own huge platform before considering going out into the unknown. You have hundreds of millions of users to tap into that would be more willing to go with Cortana since they’re already on a Microsoft device.

Source: GeekWire

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