MixRadio to live on as a “spin-off”

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MixRadio’s future has been up in the air following today’s news on job cuts. Good news is, MixRadio is sticking around, but will be looking to go solo. Jyrki Rosenberg, head of MixRadio told Music Ally that they’re “planning a spin-off.” Whilst MS will focus on the WP platform, and making sure its “the best operating system for consumers to use music and entertainment” through “their choice of third-party applications.”

We will see MixRadio to continue being pre-loaded on MS’s Windows Phones which is awesome news! It doesn’t stop there though, as now MixRadio can expand its reach, and we may even see a mainstream Android client, or even an iOS app in the future.

“For me personally it’s very exciting. I’ve been meeting with potential investors around the world in the last few weeks.We have very strong interest from investors in the US, Europe and Asia, and we remain open for further discussions,” he said.

“The opportunity in this kind of setup is vast, and it’s much greater than what we’ve been able to benefit from today,” said Rosenberg. “I have to say, though, the business relationship we’ve enjoyed with Microsoft’s device group has been tremendous, and we’re privileged to be continuing that relationship.”

Whether or not the current business model will be enough to keep MixRadio going forward is unknown, and way too soon to be anticipated. What we need to take from this though, is that MixRadio isn’t going anywhere. This is just the beginning!

Source: Music Ally


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