IE 11 gets hundreds of enhancements for optimised mobile view

| August 1, 2014 | 14 Replies

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Microsoft investigated common problems of websites around the world over various devices. They believe that the web should just work for everyone.

Due to the popularity of the iPhone and most websites becoming optimised for that, those sites often aren’t optimised for web standards, i.e. iOS’s webkit may have become too popular for its own good that IE 11 doesn’t work so well. Microsoft looked into this and added some workarounds/’hacks’ and stuff so that IE 11 can bring a more iPhone like compatibility to users.

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Old IE

The issues affecting the mobile browsing experience included in 5 broad categories:

  • i.e. not being recognised thus giving the desktop instead of mobile browser version
  • Only webkit features that replaced web standards
  • non proprietary webkit stuff that don’t even have standards
  • features not supported by IE
  • interoperability bugs and implementation differences


I sometimes prefer the full view, especially on a phablet like the 1520 so it would be interesting to see if Microsoft can also properly force desktop view if you set that in options.

Source: Microsoft

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