WP about to go big? hmmm…

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The stars are aligning and Reddit appears to be discussing another post about how WP could make it big.

Vlad Dudau makes an interesting comparison with Android of which WP in WP8.1 is making similar moves just before it became huge. WP8.1 apparently is no longer in the catchup stage feature wise, similar to FroYo. There are more OEMs. WP is now free.

But the crucial thing as everyone points out in the Reddit comments is that the landscape is completely different.

The world was relatively new to smartphone. Symbian’s strong point was price when the aim of the game was usability (amongst the symbian-fans, Symbian was the one for features but those were either ahead of its time or too complex for regular Joe and Joanne to use). Android took to the stage by offering similar usability to iOS with features and pricing that Nokia offered. Android offers what iOS doesn’t and that pretty much splits the landscape.

A viable alternative has to come out all guns blazing, amazing on all fronts and leapfrogging what’s already there whilst being able to cater for the very high and the masses on lower budget. Even then, the ecosystem issue would make this a struggle. Not to mention a consistent, effective, memorable marketing team to increase awareness and desirability. It’s not completely out of MS’ reach but the way they seem to slowly plod on isn’t going to help them.

What can Microsoft and Microsoft Mobile offer that no one else can’t?



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