Weekend Watch: Nokia Lumia 635 – Value for your money!

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Dear MNB readers,

In this episode of Weekend Watch, we cover the value that is to be gained in purchasing a Nokia Lumia 635 either for yourself or someone else as a gift. I consider value to be the sum of a lot of things and it varies from buyer to buyer, user to user and with that said, some see no value in the Lumia 635 and others see a lot of value.


I want to focus on 2 areas of potential value:

  1. Cost
  2. Access to services and software.

The reason I chose those areas is because as the buyer, you want the best value for your money and as the user of the device, no matter how cheap or even free, there isn’t any value in a device that doesn’t give you access to the services and software that you need and want.


I’d like to put out a disclaimer, this video is ONLY about the 2 points above in the sum of value. It isn’t about saying iOS is better than Windows Phone or vice versa or if the Lumia 635 is a better smartphone than the iPhone 5c. This is more of an informational video, to inform people of choices or options that they may not have considered in the hopes to save someone some money while providing the services and software that they need.  Value for your money….getting more for less…”I’ll buy that for a dollar!!!” and all those kinds of things are coming right up!


What do you think of Microsoft’s focus on making services and software available to consumers via low-cost Windows Phone 8.1 devices? Do you prefer a focus on more high-end devices?

One thing is for sure, having Cortana on all Windows 8.1 devices regardless of price and the age of the hardware is way more valuable than only having Cortana on high-end devices…for example…Siri not being available for my iPhone 4 and I had to buy a 4S to experience Siri…tisk tisk. Thank you all for your time this weekend and I look forward to what September will bring for the Windows Phone platform, devices and services.

Take care, be safe and enjoy whatever device you have, even if it is an iPhone 5c.


Demitrius Harris


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