Coloud Bang Portable Speakers Review

| September 12, 2014 | 3 Replies

DSC05943Over on GeekonGadgets we got our hands on a pair of Coloud Bang portable speakers for review, the bottom line is we liked them. Check out a couple excerpts of the review below, and if you’re interested head over to the full review for more pictures, details, thoughts and random stuff.

  • Portable: VERY, at only 96 grams the speakers are very lightweight, quite compact (75 MMs x 51 MMs).
  • Low Cost: EXTREMELY, you can grab a Coloud Bang for as cheap as €19
  • Speakers: Uhm yes; they do make lots of noise so also a check mark.
  • Bonus Feature: Rechargeable batteries, instead of gobbling up your AAA or AA batteries like other low cost speakers, the Coloud Bang are rechargeable via a standard Micro-USB cable (and who doesn’t have one- or ten- of those lying around).


All in the all the Coloud bangs are pretty awesome, especially when the very cheap price tag is factored into it, but price-tag aside you could easily confuse these for some mid-range portable speakers, possibly even close to the $40-$50 mark, especially when considering that they’re made by

Check out the full review at the link below:

P.S- what do you guys think about cross linking posts between GOG and MNB int his manner, with a small excerpt of the good parts here; while the full post remains on GOG? Leave your thoughts below please.



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