Michael Fisher: iPhone 6 through WindowsPhone users eyes

| September 21, 2014 | 17 Replies

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Michael Fisher from PocketNow takes a look at the iPhone 6 from a Windows Phone user’s eyes. He reckons that it’s surprising how similar both can be.

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Both are very fluid, throughout the use of the device (until perhaps the obsolescence period with iPhone). He finds WP possibly more impressive as it can run smoothly on much lesser hardware.

Attention to style over functionality: this flatter look is more cohesive and modern. A bit like, metro or ‘modern UI’ perhaps.

Both also somewhat limited in customisation. This is where it changes as WP lets you customise the screen, where things goes, the live tiles which give you more info which can all be resized. iOS doesn’t allow that. They’re just app shortcuts. Making of for the lack of control there is iPhone’s ecosystem. WP has made significant leaps but the quality lags behind iPhone, either more current or better designed, with WP versions lagging in updates. You’re more likely to find what you’re looking for on iPhone but it’s not guaranteed on WP. Especially where games are concerned.

Services seem more mature  too, with almost all of google’s suite, and Microsoft’s own productivity apps.

In terms of hardware, to get the latest one your choice is limited to what Apple brings. It’s whatever the latest iPhone is. But on WP you can get various options, metal clad, 41MP, supersize 6″, well balanced 5 incher, budget entry level. But no matter which way you go, on WP you can get near the same experience and responsiveness. Michael says having that choice is really powerful when the alternative is to put up with hardware you may not be in love with to be part of the club (e.g. some have reservations on the hump).

In terms of voice control, Michael says that’s a feature Microsoft eclipses iOS on as talking to Cortana can be far more enjoyable than talking to Siri as you can be more relaxed with your word choices. And as good as the iPhone camera is, it doesn’t offer that ‘tweakability’ of Nokia Camera app.

In the end, the choice of which is better comes to needs, wants, whims and vagaries of personal preference. Another housemate that moved from iPhone to Lumia moved onto a newer 1520 and finds that much better than his iPhone experiences. When he mentioned he liked it on Facebook, one response said they wouldn’t take a million Lumias for one iPhone :O. I guess their heads would blow up with all that awesomeness. But that is another reason why certain people stick to certain devices – that maybe all they know and they’re too stubborn to look else where or appreciate that other people have different needs.

I like the iPhone 6, but I’m more intrigued by the Note 4. There’s no new ‘flagship’ from Lumia yet to covet.



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