Microsoft’s Alternative way to close the App Gap? + Rudy Huyn’s ideas for Android on WP

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the-apps-people-wantA couple of related stories based on the last one where Tom Warren discussed Android apps on WP still being in the works. First off, reader Ben A linked shared an article from ZDNet where Mary Jo Foley indicated that Microsoft could help close the app gap in a different way.

Plan A: Universal App model. Write once for all Windows.

Plan B: Android apps on WP

Plan X: Strategy to attract more independent software vendors.

“DX has built a global ISV management capability over the past 18 months and now we will extend that capability to manage top ISVs in the field. In partnership with WPG (Worldwide Partner Group), we will also develop a broad programmatic approach to reach and engage a broader set of ISVs that scales from higher touch programs and offers through to self-service with MPN (Microsoft Partner Network). We must be selective in how we look at ISVs to drive the greatest adoption of our cloud and mobile platforms. We will no longer define ISVs in the traditional sense.”


The last plan sounds like their current plan in a fancier way.

Should Microsoft still decide to bring Android apps directly, here’s Rudy Huyn’s thoughts and ideas on the matter:

My idea is very simple: – if Microsoft brings Android apps on Windows devices, nobody (except some fans) will create native apps anymore, they will only create android apps. Consequence: bad user experience, bad performance, etc… clearly not a good idea. Moreover, if a user can choice between a real android phone and a phone emulating android apps… the choice will be very simple. Remember 2 things: OS/2 tried to run windows apps => died, BB10 tried to run android apps => died. BB10 is a good sample, the store is full of apps using android sdk, not BlackBerry sdk.

One more thing ©, Snapchat is not on Kindle store… so why it will be the case on windows store?

My idea is the contrary: bring Universal apps to android phone. So we will be able to ship one app running on : Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Android, Chromebook, Kindle and other android forks, PPI, IoT, etc… almost all OS except iOS.

Technically it’s clearly possible: – WinJS is open source and run without problem on Chrome/Webkit – Xamarin/Mono probes that it’s possible to have a native android apps with C#/fake XAML – VS2015 has already a Android emulator – next version of will run natively and without SDK on MacOS X (why not do the same thing for apps?)

If Xamarin can do it, Microsoft can also, but not with a fake XAML thing, but with real XAML, real WinRT SDK, etc…

Android developers doesn’t like Eclipse, C# is very similar to Java, with some very cool features (Linq), new mobile developers will perhaps be motivated to use Microsoft Tools (Blend/Visual Studio) to create their apps and will make the windows store better.


The focus should be on getting the most requested apps on the WP platform and then make those a real quality experience that surpasses what is available on iOS or Android. It’s easier said than done but there are so many examples of core apps I use on a daily basis that surprised me, were insanely better on WP.

On a similar note regarding numbers, PocketNow says “if you think WP has no apps, you should try a mac”. This seems to be a response to those (WSJ) telling users to stay away from WP devices due to having less apps. There’s a lot more to the article than the title and actually delves into both sides.

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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