Fire Up your Wireless Charging Lumias: McDonalds getting Qi Wireless charging in UK

| January 9, 2015 | 1 Reply

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 00.26.24Finally some bigger traction for Qi Wireless Charging – the standard that Nokia, now Microsoft chose to populate a selection of their flagship and mid-range Lumias. A few manufacturers have picked it up too, helping wireless charging become more of a norm.

You may or may not be a MaccyD (or is it Mickey where you’re at?) diner but a lot of the population are and so those at the select restaurants will have a taste of embedded wireless charging whilst they guzzle down on some (tasty?) saturated fats and obscene amounts of carbs.

There’ll be 600  charging points available shared over 50 stores.

Wireless charging is very convenient – no plugging in. Just make sure you’re aligned.

The ‘slower’ charging in comparison to wired may or may not benefit McDonald’s as customers might stay longer (would they buy more or just inconvenience others that want to sit down but are waiting for someone to charge their phone).

Trains – this would be great. It’s hard enough finding plugs for laptops there.

Source: Air-Charge | Qi@CES

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