Weekend Watch: WebOS reborn into Audi smartwatch (by LG)

| January 11, 2015 | 3 Replies

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Dust off your Pre and TouchPad, Palm (now HP’s) WebOS is back in the LG G watch R variant for Audi. I’ve mentioned it before but the LG G watch R was my fvourite smartwatch of 2014 and this new look potentially might make this one a star for me in 2015. And that’s without the whole WebOS bit.

We’ve had a lot of intertwining with the WebOS lot in terms of:

  • People – we got Peter Skillman (still here, hey!), they got Ari Jaaksi from MeeGo and now is on MeeGo
  • UI designs – the N9 probably uses that gesture based multitasking the best and props to WebOS for showing that with their intuitive card system (and all in one contacts)
  • Stories – we had an April fools that mentioned Nokia buying WebOS which (when the comments did not disappear in the blackhole of confused databases had a lot of people wishing it did happen to rescue Nokia from Symbian), Palm got sold to HP. It could have been a serious dark horse and a real threat to Nokia; imagine more WebOS tablets, phones, webOS in printers and all other HP gadgets – Palm’s WebOS could finally get the financial backing to get to the masses. Unfortunately, not long after the buy, poor initial results and HP decided to quit the whole consumer space (before firing their CEO and now continuing to make devices – odd sideline here, but the old PC crew, HP and Dell in particular are making some seriously interesting tablets and PCs).

My touchpad (Cheers Dan who got one for us during the infamous wordwide Fire Sale!) is lying around somewhere…not that I think it would even pair with this watch.


Source: TheVerge


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