Not enough memory to perform update

| March 20, 2015 | 1 Reply

PicsPlay_1426860264468I guess this is something I hadn’t encountered before since I had always been using phones with a minimum of 16gb storage.

My aunt is now using the Lumia 530 which I set up for her some weeks ago.  But she’s unable to complete the requested update because there isn’t enough space on the phone.


Oh,  get a memory card!  Transfer data to the card!  Nope.  Moving all the apps over does nothing.  Basically everything than can be moved or deleted has taken that route.  655mb. I Need 900+ for the update.  What a total joy.  Thank you 4gb of generous space.  

Being able to delete email or whatever is eating 130mb would help a little but otherwise nothing really to get close to the target other than wiping the phone.

Is this just me being silly and not realising some obvious way to get more free memory or is this another form of silly where the compromises in a device make it too frustrating to use that it belongs in flight towards a brick wall.  

I’m glad the 535 exists as that fixes pretty much everything inane about compromise101phone aka 530. 


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  • KilljoySR

    Stupid Lumia 530.
    I’m trying to use Lumia 530 as a “navigation”…..maps, locations….etc.
    I have deleted entire phone.
    Restored it to factory settings, delete every single file on phone, no files, no photos, no music, no video…..NO APPS PPL!

    As soon as I’ve tried to download maps for only one country (size is like 150MB) phone won’t let me.

    I’ve got 1.34GB of internal storage and I can’t download one map for one country.

    “SD Card is required”
    “Your phone doesn’t have enough internal storage to download maps, so you’ll need to get an SD card before you can choose a map to download”.

    In which world and in which dimension you can’t put 150MB map on 1.34GB of storage??

    Stupid Microsoft!