Nokia China confirms Android Nokia Smartphones?

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NOKIA LOGOGSM Arena says that the president of Nokia China, Mike Wang, confirmed that they’re working on Android smartphones. Akin to how the Nokia N1 was produced, the Nokia designed smartphone will be produced in a similar manner.

Nokia’s R&D it seems will move permanently to China (is that for consumer devices only I take it? The original source isn’t in English).

Could a Nokia android integrate some good Nokia like imaging into it? Nokia and now Microsoft have taken such a back seat on that regard that others around them have managed to produce some really good cameras in thin shells. Perhaps to most people, good enough is good enough and as long as Nokia puts in some decent modules (lots are sourcing Sony), that might be OK. Things like fast enough performance, good specs for the price might be the recipe they want to replicate from the Chinese offerings that seem to be doing well (and of course, their own N1 that showed success in China).

We’ve seen how quickly the once unknown Xiaomi has risen in the ranks on good value handsets. I don’t think they’ve offered anything in particular that has been ground breaking – just lots of good enough smartphones that were well priced (though they also have had a habit of pretty much cloning iPhone). Nokia has history and could capitalise on that once again (both in name and simply the know-how, they’ve done all this before vs doing things for the first time). Nokia pours in their design and technology, worrying less about an OS but can be sure that this OS is one that the world doesn’t need convincing on using. Another thing Nokia is known a little less for (and something Xiaomi has been getting right) is execution. Nokia’s past is full of potential, full of great ideas, full of firsts but they didn’t quite execute the whole plan just right. Apparently, MIUI on Xiomi handsets works similarly to the more innovative looking Z-Launcher by making the use of Android faster. Ars says the iOS looking MIUI is faster than stock Android. If you’re a Galaxy user, you might have experienced the pains of TouchWiz and it’s amazing ability to cripple the most expensive hardware.

I think it’s nice to know that folks will still be hearing that Nokia tune. Hopefully these China made, China first handsets will reach the rest of the world. I’m yet to see a N1 in real life.


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