Nokia Lumia 930 vs Nokia N95

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Steve Litchfield compares one of the greatest Nokias, the Nokia N95 against one of the last Nokia greats, the Nokia Lumia 930.

The N95 was a success for Nokia. The one to finally bring everything into a single device that several years after, competitors still couldn’t beat it on paper.

Whilst the Symbian OS of yesteryear may be considered by some as dead and haggard, the camera on the N95 is still actually very usable. Quality wise at least. Nokia has done well, if you consider N95 vs other competitors.

Check it out:

The 930 is relatively small in today’s standards. 5.2″ devices by other companies might be the “mini” versions.

So it makes this N95 look positively super cute.

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2.6″. That was quite big back then. It was upgraded to 2.8 in the N95 8GB. Around the time touch screen was new, 4″ all screen with no buttons were considered unwieldily. But now, phones with 4″ displays feel awkwardly small.

The N95 of course opens up so there is a bit more length to it. There was also the nifty dual slider for music buttons. Pretty epic stuff. Another bit to reminisce is that thinking about 930 specs when the N95 was around…that would be one of those crazy out there thoughts (and the ones from 2015 even more so). Quadcore?! 1080p on a display <14″! 20mp camera (No one knew that Nokia would bring out something as epic as 808 or 1020 either with 41MP).

Look at the Cortana tile on the 930. There’s more pixels in that than the entire N95 screen.

I think the only thing the N95 was missing for me was the N93’s stereo recording. I mean N95 has MicroSD card support….930 doesn’t.

Anyone remember the RAM in the N95?…64. MB. I think Nokia snake apps on modern phones use more than that just to run the game.

Cheers Alvester for the tip!

p.s. Hey, hey, apologies for the delay in posts. Getting hectic with Uni stuff.


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