HMD at MWC: HMD Global Oy at Mobile World Congress 2017 exhibitors for #Nokia #Android

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The entity behind Nokia’s 2017 smartphone return, HMD, will be making an appearance at MWC.

Good luck to those past Nokians involved in this project. We are all eagerly awaiting to hear and see what you guys will be bringing. After a very strange 2016, it’ll be a fantastic blast from the past to see a modern smartphone bear the name ‘Nokia’ once again.

Again, for those who weren’t familiar with HMD Global.

  • HQ – Finland.
  • CEO – Finnish –  Arto Numella (VP MS Mobile devices, previously SVP Nokia Sales and Marketing/Smartphones. He was at Nokia from 1994 as Program Manager 🙂 till they transitioned to MS)
  • Brands – Nokia
  • Products – Smartphones, mobile phones, tablets
  • HMD global Oy is a Finnish company that develops mobile devices under the “Nokia” brand name. It was formed in May 2016 by purchasing part of the feature phone business of Microsoft Mobile, the company founded after Microsoft‘s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business in 2014. It is headquartered in Helsinki and made up of veteran (hei :p) Nokia staff – Wikipedia
  • HMD is owned by Smart Connect LP, a private equity fund partly managed by Jean-François Baril. Baril was Senior Vice President of Nokia from 1999 to 2012
  • HMD President – Florian Seiche (MS VP, Nokia VP, HTC President)
  • Pekka Rantala – Chairman, Jot Automation, Ex CEO Rovio, SVP Marketing at Nokia (also with Nokia from at least 1994 to 2011)
  • HMD signed a licensing agreement with Nokia Corporation giving HMD sole use of the “Nokia” brand on mobile phones and tablets worldwide for the next decade, and cellular standard essential patent licenses, as well as design rights it acquired from Microsoft.


Funnily enough, of all brands, one of my friends asked if my MediaPad X2 phone was a Nokia (?because it was huge? :p). Maybe this time next year, a few of us when asked what new smartphone we’re using, we can say “Yup, it’s a Nokia :)”.


HMD CEO on their plans:

We will be completely focused on creating a unified range of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, which we know will resonate with consumers. Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centered on the unique asset of the Nokia brand, and our extensive experience in sales and marketing. We will work with world class manufacturing and distribution providers to move quickly and deliver what customers want

HMD will be working with Nokia Technologies and FIH Mobile (subsidiary of Foxconn).

An important name at Nokia Technologies we may like to see involved in these new phones:


Finally a notable name that gives smiles to hear that he is also at HMD, the one and only, Dean Pattrick. screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-12-27-3010 years Telecoms veteran at the Royal Air Force, Dean has been with Nokia from 1998 all the way to 2014 as head of Mix Radio, following the smiley-headphone through to Microsoft until it became a temporary independent entity.  Dean is now programme manager at  HMD :D.


BTW, what does H.M.D. stand for?


Source: MWC

Cheers Alvester for the tip!



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