Back to reality: More than mobile phones; some pitfalls to consider for the Revered Nokia brand

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Excitement and nostalgia for a Nokia revival is all well and good. But for this to work to make Nokia ‘great again’, it’s important to look at the challenges too. Of course there are the usuals of learning mistakes that Old Nokia came across. But there are also new obstacles for HMD/Nokia which Vlad from TheVerge has outlined.

Basically, Vlad’s saying that the new Nokia come back onto mobile phones has to offer more than just another Android smartphone. Perhaps taking advantage of Nokia’s fitness ‘Withings’ offerings? Vlad also suggests paths that Xiaomi and OnePlus have taken, using the smartphone as ways to sneak in other products to consumers.

More importantly, the consumer needs to know the device exists and it’s available for them to get it. Even IF Nokia cracks the recipe that would make the consumers WANT to buy their new smartphone, it’s no good if you can’t get hold of it. They’ll want it, get miffed and go get something else. How many people were keen for the Note 7 and swanned to the iPhone 7 when the Note was no longer physically available because of burning issues?

I’d agree with Vlad when he says it’s harder to build a bad smartphone than a good one (unless you’re intent on building Windows Phones. Joke. Joke guys). What this means is that most smartphones are definitely good enough. Even the technologies that attempt to differentiate them aren’t particularly all that anymore. I don’t think it really needs to fight the specsheet game anymore to be successful. It just needs to deliver well enough on the key areas consumers care about, and price it well so consumers would consider it. Add a spark of timely Viral Nokia revival to reignite the warmth about Nokia, announce the product to worldwide approval then have have a quick world wide availability. Let the experiences speak for themselves as something trustworthy and build again on that.

This isn’t the first time Nokia has come up with an Android device as a comeback. The N1 seemed to be a great product from the start and for an amazing price. It was just difficult to get hold of (yes, it’s on Amazon from third party sellers at 3 or 4 times the original launch price). And then what. Nothing. Nada. No one heard about it. No one talked about it. It disappeared.

It did however show that Nokia can slap a badge onto a great product and it’ll gather significant interest. An attractive, high end offering with a very affordable price.


Please just have it available for purchasing.




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