Nokia E1 and D1?

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Posted by @nokiabar, a couple of line drawings. They appear to be the Nokia D1C and possibly even also, the Nokia P. The first photo resembles the MS paint-esque ‘render’ below (D1/ D1C)

It could simply be something to say Merry Christmas given the reindeer at the front.


The next image, E1, has that oblong home button that might be a finger print reader. This might be what the glass panel we saw the other day might look like if it had the surrounding bezel to it. Is the back image blurred for any particular reason? Maybe just lacking some info to sketch out?



Here’s a McBlurrycam of a white front panel. Labelled as E1 (?front home button is just a regular capacitive)

Source 1

Source 2:

Cheers Arun (+Nish) for the tip!



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  • Nish
  • LoveNokia

    the front panel in the photo looks like just another chinese phone 🙁 if this is a real photo of the upcoming Nokia device then i think we have lost our beloved Nokia design and craftsmanship. 🙁 That looks really ugly even if i compare it to ugliest Lumia 950/950XL lol…. I hate you Microsoft more than anything in this world. Why did Stephen Elop take birth 🙁

    • We don’t know yet how the official design would look like. I just hope this is a distraction and Nokia/HMD still keeps their phones secretly under the ground.
      Like the N9 that just leaked few hours before being announced.

    • B.Srikanth

      That black Nokia android phone looks fantastic. Good design craftsmanship I think. That same NOKIA.

  • God of chaos

    Okay guys, look, these phones are going to be budget phones, priced competitively in markets like India. HMD is doing this because they are a company, and they need to make money. With those first few phones they are going to try to make a quick buck by milking the Nokia brand loyalty in places like India, Eastern Europe, etc. When they sell a few million units of this first batch of inexpensive phones, then we can expect them to produce a full-fledged flagship with top-of-the-line specs and an interesting design. Right now, from what we have seen, these phones look really nice and closely resemble phones like the Lumia 830 and 930, which were quite handsome phones in my opinion.

  • B.Srikanth

    That white phone looks like dummy phone as you can see the cables in the back through the earpiece.

    • LoveNokia

      that is just the front panel of the phone that i think is in testing facility or the assembly line. And now i think that the phone will look completely different after it is fully assembled. If you see the black image and the green image of the Nokia D1C the front panel has round edges in the black image and after its completely assembled the phone has rectangle edges in the sketch and green image same as Nokia X.

  • Jens Persson

    I will never buy a smartphone with hardware buttons again.