5.5″ Nougatty Nokia E1/?TA-1000… but with just 1GB RAM?

| December 30, 2016 | 4 Replies


Sure, it’s not all about specs. But certain things need a bare minimum even at the entry level. Would it be fair to say 1GB RAM, that was something from 2015? 2GB must definitely be minimum for 2016 let alone 2017.. I picked up a Blu Life Mark so that my sister had some kind of Pokemon Go thing. That basic Android has 2GB RAM (and works surprisingly well).

Apparently the E1 might also be known as a TA-1000.  Certainly no terminator.

I’d expect something like this to come out around 50GBP if these are the specs they’re offering.



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  • rustyknight17

    Unless they offer at least a 2gb variant, thanks but no thanks.

  • LoveNokia

    Is Nokia trying to go on a path same as Moto??? Moto came with Moto E that was 1GB RAM too but that was 2-3 years back and now if you bring 1GB RAM thats not enough. Nokia should not go in the ultra cheap smartphone category that will just ruin their Brand image 🙁 Its an Android OS which sometimes also struggles on 3 Gigs of RAM and not a Windows Phone 8.1 OS which will run smooth even on 512MB of RAM lol….. Whatever they come up with.. if its the same as shown in the image above i am ready to buy it right away. I want a phone that is colorful like Lumia and the image looks so nice with that light blue rear panel 🙂 They should make the front completely in black color like Lumia.

  • zlutor

    what a pity that a handheld device needs GBs of RAM – for what?!

    looking at FB, chatting, playing video and ocassionally making calls?!

    does profiling users take so much resources? 😉

    Nokia N9 was fine with single core cpu and 1GB RAM – did amazing multitasking, had smooth UI, etc.

    ok, screen resolution was not HD but still…

    is Android so much worse?

  • Hemedans

    guys dont forget D1C with 2gb ram, 8 core cortex a53 and full HD display is only $150 (leaked price), if this E1 rumors is true then probably will be priced below $100 and have HD display, 1gb ram and quad core (sd 425) cortex a53 cpu.

    where am from phones like galaxy j1 (wvga display and 512/1gb ram) sell like hot cake, there are billions of people in this world who cant afford even $100 phone. If HMD play well in this category we may have a winner