Weekend Watch: Nokia 6 Unboxing Videos and hands on

| January 15, 2017 | 8 Replies

Here are some Nokia 6 Unboxing videos and hands on. They’re taking their time to filter through to us, eh?

Nothing out of the ordinary but that design really is growing on me. It’s simple, but it looks nice and clean.


2:02 – What a beautiful sound.


Sources: TechDroider | Tech4 Gadget


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  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    I actually really like it!
    It only makes me want to see, feel, play with and then, buy, the flagship they are producing.

    I’m hoping they somehow can institute the Nokia sleeping screen on this LCD screen, the way they did on the Nokia E71.
    I can see that this SIM card slot accepts nano sim and Micro SIM (Thank G-D!). One is horizontal and the other will be perpendicular to it (therefore not allowing a micro SD card).

    I honestly hope that the flagship will have a smaller form factor (around 152x73x8, give it take 2-3mm here and there) but still keep the 5.5 – 5.7 inch super AMOLED screen. And have a 3300-3600 mAh battery (at the minimum). A 4000-4500 mAh battery in their flagship would be optimal.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Jay, now that we’ve seen so many pics, videos, specs, comments on Nokia Android cell phones, I was wondering what your views are. I am interested to know what are your qualifications, requirements and deal breakers.

    For me, has to have a port that accepts Micro SIM cards, super AMOLED screen, a form factor that can fit in my pocket without bulging at the seems as well as fitting into my car’s cup holder (most cars in the United States are 70-75 mm), it has to have an amazing battery packed it with some sort of quick charging option (I personally like it to exceed 3300 mAh), needs to have speakers that resemble the ZTE axon 7 (both in terms of design and output), absolutely under no circumstance should it have on screen controls (they need to put the controls in the bottom bezel), has to have great lag free performance, needs to have a notification light that can be customized (like emails vs. texts vs. missed calls vs. voicemails), a fully customizable and feature rich skin on top of the operating system currently used, extraordinary build quality, water and dust proof, and some other stuff I can’t remember at this time.

    Would love to see xenon flash, Symbian like file manager and user interface, amazing media players, abilities to watch content on my watch, cell, tablet or TV seemlessly with a built in all, and actual talk and end button (with the end button actually ending the app and not letting it longer in the background), and so on…

    Jay, as the owner of this site, I would like to know what you, specifically, would like.

    Matter of fact, anyone … What are some of the things you guys would consider an absolute must, or an absolute deal breaker?

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      *App not all
      *Linger not longer

  • SLR

    YES! I miss hearing the Nokia tune out in the wild.

    You can see squircles in the settings.

    • God of chaos

      Yeah, what’s kind of odd to me is that they kept the squircles in the settings but they made the launcher icons round, like the N1 tablet. There are symbian belle and harmattan icon packs on the play store, of course, but it would’ve been nice to see nokia put their signature icons on their android smartphones.

      • Matthew Paul

        Samsung nicked the squircles and put them in TouchWiz. Everyone would just say Nokia is copying 🙁

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    I dunno. Just caught up with life and work, etc… I figured, most of the time when I right something, Jay doesn’t reply or respond and also, I thought if I comment too frequently on a bunch of posts, it would dilute what I have to say. People will just gloss over it and say, eh, this guy again…

    I guess I’m being more selective now… I kinda of remember reading some comments made by a guy named Janne a few years ago. This guy knew so much about Nokia and when he wouldn’t post, I was start thinking of a bunch of reasons as to why there are no posts and why I keeping checking if there are (multiple times a day)…

    I guess times have changed. But, I’m still very happy to see there are a dozen or so regulars here…

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    With all due respect, and I mean this with a smiley face… Let’s call it Nokia sleeping screen cuz that’s the true name. If people in the Android community want to call it always on display or some others want to call it glance screen, it is just inappropriate and shows a disconnection from real Nokia.

    I hope you don’t take offense to this, as my intentions of writing this is not to offend you or anyone in any way.

    I just think what tht vile diarrhea as a child, horrible devil man elop did to Nokia was unacceptable. He uprooted Symbian and sold the world on some garbage pathetic rancid half baked operating system that was and still is a global failure! A failure in every regard! He ruined Nokia, made millions in profits, and his corporate greed almost killed Nokia (to a degree) (in the public eye). Any reference to windows mobile or Windows phone or whatever, will elicit a prompt and assertive response from me.

    The world responded and on a global scale, Microsoft made an operating system for cell phones that was and still is utter junk and garbage! Symbian Belle FP2 was light years ahead of it!

    So reference to Nokia sleeping screen as something called glance screen was a little too much. Lol… Just kidding buddy. I get carried away sometimes cuz my hate for Windows phone operating system is more than you or anyone would understand.

    Anywho, I used to come on this site everyday, for years and years about 10-15 times a day as well. But little by little, some very knowledgeable and influential people left, and Jay momentarily was on hiatus, so I kinda shunned away too.

    But seeing how empty it got (and how bored I became) I said to hell with it, so I bought an Android phone again, made an account and started writing stuff to engage people into thinking about Nokia and things related to logic and critical thinking.

    But yeah, I absolutely hate and despise anything windows phone related. (Due to what they did to Symbian)