Weekend Read: Varun’s Quick impressions of the Nokia 6

| January 22, 2017 | 8 Replies

Our friend Varun over at FoneArena tweeted us this morning to tell us he’s posted his hands on of the Nokia 6.

This one is direct in English, with actual usage (though limited, at least direct) of the device.

Despite not being high end in price, Varun says it feels premium.


“it takes 55 minutes to machine a single Nokia 6 from a solid block of 6000 series aluminium, then receives 2 separate anodising processes, taking over 10 hours to complete, with each phone being polished no less than 5 time. “ All this makes total sense when you pick up the phone and spend a couple of minutes. For a phone priced at 1699 RMB, it certainly feels premium and i am sure this will be seen across the company’s portfolio.

Colour reproduction is said to be vibrant too.

Source: FoneArena

Cheers Varun!


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  • Systematic Systematic

    Yeahhh… but… HMD is not Nokia, it is not produced in Europe but in China so this is Chinese quality not Nokian, it is Android so a Google experoence not a Nokia experience. Of course some will love it and this is OK, but I am awaiting for true Nokia device with Linux MeeGo or Sailfish what will be true Nokia experience. Those HMD stamped with Nokia logo will be just one of many Androids in the shops, nothing really exiting for me.

    • When Nokia was still present their phones were mostly manufactured in China and India. Manufactured in China doesn’t mean cheap quality. Even Nokia 3310 was manufactured in China. Those HMD people were once part of Nokia too. Yes, i agree with you on sailfish OS phones from Nokia.

      • Systematic Systematic

        That is something that make me fell confused: no one ever said “no” for Sailfish OS device – only Nokia don’t want to hear common users. Or don’t want to show “interested in” signs anyhow, even when there is proven market for this solution, which is exactly Nokia solution continued. Sailfish OS device from midrange to high range are already in sell at the markets. Eg. Aquafish by Intex in India (better version of Jolla C cause 2 more of memory then Jolla C and Dual SIM), Oyster SF in Russia (also dual SIM, 3 models already, one of them 8 cores, octacore), Jola smartphone by Jolla is obvious and very hard to hunt (where hunting mean trying to buy), FairPhone (sorry forgotten by who), Turing Phone (by TRI from USA&Finland, with enhanced security, hardware cryptographic key, mega-durable body, hardware encrypted calls between two Turing Phones, finger prints scanner, etc security super-doopers), another one is from African vendor buy nobody has seen it yet (mentioned here just for the record) – in total now there are above 10 different Sailfish OS models from, about, 5 different vendors. Plus about 30 or 50 successful community ports of Sailfish to regular devices including mobiles and tablets likie Samsung Galaxyies , ZTEs, Xaiomis, Acers, Lenovo etc.etc.
        And finally even that something Nokia 6 can be Sailfish OS device if only a vendor would want to launch it in Sailfish OS version.

        Nobody of Symbian, MeeGo, Android or Nokia’s nonames former user declared “I will never touch Sailfish OS” while many many declared “I would try Sailfish OS with pleasure”.
        And still Nokia still hesitate this and also us users, almost just like in times of Elop in his infinite wisdom.

        It has taken years to accept there are Android users. I am just wander how many years they need to accept Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS users?? And do they need another next Elop in his infinite wisdom for this purpose??

    • zlutor

      Nokia had factories all around the Globe: Finland, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Mexico, Brazil(?), India, Vietnam and China back then…

      Vietnam and China factories are with HMD (via Foxcon), still…

      So, it can be the good old Nokia quality – if the wish so. Sw – well, better if stock Android, if Harmattan is not an option… 😉

      And, Nokia stamped, upper mid device with good camera, powered by Sailfish would be instant buy for me, of course… 😉

      But it will not happen, most probably. Maybe for Russia. Or some comunity device for Jolla…