Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3310 ‘homage’ in the works?

| February 14, 2017 | 21 Replies

Ahh Happy Valentines Day! Love is in the air for Nokia fans if the story about a possible Nokia 3310 comeback is true.

Evan Blass (@evleaks) at Venture Beat reports that there are some lower end Android Nokia’s that are expected, a Nokia 3 and a Nokia 5 – both presumably lower specs and price points than the previously China only Nokia 6.

Expected specs for 5: 5.2″, 12mp, 2GB RAM, 720p display, 199EUR. No specs to go on for Nokia 3 but it could be 149 EUR.


But what we’re most interested in is a rebuilt Nokia 3310. This is the internet’s favourite phone. The warm nostalgia behind the 3310’s indestructibility is legendary, as well as other qualities, a phone rebuilt around the Nokia 3310 was something we pondered could be a great marketing angle for an explosive first time Nokia return (as we know, we’ve gone the drips and drabs route). Well, whilst not an entirely rebuilt smartphone version around durability and longevity, there maybe a more modern 3310 (perhaps one that would work on 3G/4G bands) aimed at around 59 EUR.

but a modern version of a classic workhorse of a feature phone, the Nokia 3310.

I don’t want some Nokia 150 esque mobile phone. Call it a 3310 in anyway and it needs to have as much 3310 soul. Unless this is ‘merely’ a robust mobile phone.

Evan notes HMD has an event on the 26th of this month – 12 days away. We’ll hear of Nokia and HDM’s global chapter for mobiles.

Source: VentureBeat


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  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Will the owner of this site please tell his visitors if he will be attending MWC this year?
    Or replying to all these posts his site receives…

    Thank you in advance for your consideration..

    • zlutor

      my bet is: not this year…

      but next year, yes – especially if once-the-most-popular Nokia blog will be the number one again AND it matters (~Nokia fan base will be massive again)

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        But how come Jay himself doesn’t reply to my questions.
        I ask about MWC, about phones, about things he would prefer to see, and so on, and he blatantly ignores me. As though he is not involved or rather, pays no interest in initiating a conversation.

        I wish he were more engaging with his incredibly loyal audience…

        Perhaps I expect too much or he’s just too busy to care.

        Either way, I am on this site several times a day for several years now (except during his hiatus).

  • zlutor

    they should go for build quality and good component, no cheap crap…

    plus reasonable sw upgrade path – meaning minimized customization on stock Android. to be the de-facto nexus phones. of course , Harmattan UI would be the king but not now, they have to gain mass as quickly as possible…

    “there is no second chance to make first impression”…

    making 3310 again: wow, marketing rulez!
    [not to mention, original one might have run s30 as well… :D]

  • zlutor

    yeah! if I were HMD I would bring to market exactly the same case in limited series (screen to be improved+big accumulator, as you mentioned).

    4G support, WoLTE and WoWifi, of course. Question, whether S30 support any of them… 🙁

    Making it legendary feature phone – again… 😉

    • If I were HMD I would give a free classic Nokia to few lucky buyers of all new Nokia android phones. Classic Nokia’s include all old Nokia phones of past. 1 phone for every luck buyer.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        That would be awesome.
        But how would it be feasible?
        It would mean they would have to put all discontinued phones back into production (will never happen). They would sustain a loss, since they would be giving it for free, or, if they don’t, they’d increase the price of the Android phones to compensate. Then, we’d have a bunch of people on the internet saying the phone(s) cost too much, might as well get a Chinese phone with more RAM, more memory, bigger battery for half the price…

        But, that would a cool gift to give to us loyal Nokia supporters

        • Just launch them once again. What do you think?

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Flood the market!


  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    That would be nice.
    Imagine an e-ink like display.
    Similar form factor (but modified to 2017 standards), made to last, inclusion of a D-pad and a 2100 mAh battery.
    With a 2.2-2.4 inch screen, it should give stellar battery life. Perhaps even weeks at a time…

    I really wish Jay would reply to some of these posts…
    It would be nice

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    So how would you navigate through menus and call lists and screen options.

    Without a D-pad, I would assume that the entire phone would have to have a vertical user interface. Just up and down.

    But…. Ultimately, what would I know. Right? If janne was here, he could have given all of us incredible insight and info on anything related to Nokia.

    • I mean the navigation keys like on the original Nokia 3310 lol
      2 way navigation keys over 4 way

  • flotron

    OH man, not again, same mistakes. A lot of crappy phones. Where is the beast?

  • flotron
    • this is the best. i really like it 🙂

    • can we download it? if you know how plz share it 🙂

  • flotron
    • ohh yeah man lol
      They were just doing weird things yesterday. i didn’t like it lol
      I voted for N95 though 😛

  • rustyknight17

    Hmmm specs sound about par for midrange Androids , not good.

    i can’t stop laughing at 3310 girl lol 😛