#MWC Itinerary with @NokiaMobile

| February 25, 2017 | 17 Replies

Less than 12 hours away I’ll be heading out of London and over to Gatwick airport to catch a still very unexpected flight to Barcelona. Big thanks to Nokia Mobile,  HMD and Barney for sorting this out. Kudos of course to you guys because you are the reason we’ve got the invite in the first place.


Here’s my itinerary.  I think this should be OK to share.

Sunday 5am –  WAKE and rush over to Gatwick. Try and collate questions you guys have written in for Monday.

Sunday noon – Arrive at Barcelona

Sunday 4pm – Nokia Mobile Presentation

Sunday 7-9pm – Nokia Mobile Party – MACBA

Monday 8:50am – Interview with Juho (Chief Product Designer)

Monday 5-7pm – Nokia Blogger Event

Tuesday – Farewell Barcelona peeps!




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  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!

    Jay is going to MWC!!!!


    Atta boy… Go there and kill it! Be positive, be confident, be optimistic, show interest and enthusiasm…

  • Prasetyo Herfianto

    nice to know that Nokia Mobile/HMD has noticed you. good luck!

  • DN8

    Nokia is BACK baby! Haha! This is my #1 source for Nokia news and good luck to you Jay and to the rest of Mynokiablog crew.

  • Nokia Mobile Party – Hell Yea 🙂 Love those! Enjoy bro!

  • SIMO

    Not to get ahead of ourselves, but it looks like the MNB community has ridden out the storm. Nokia is BACK, even though it really never even left.

    Hope you have a very fun and safe trip, Jay. I’m excited!

  • Hacklove666

    Wating for great news !!

  • Wish you Good Luck… Jay! All the best. Ask some good questions and give us the best news. Enjoy!!! 🙂

  • Rocky

    Happy that Nokia Mobile still cares about community, maybe some folks from Nokia Conversations already joined HMD, good luck Jay!

    • they should start Nokia conversations again 🙂

      • Rocky

        And also Nokia beta labs 😀

  • Doug MacFarland

    Gratz dude! I posted some questions in the other post.

  • Muerte

    Nice to see that MNB still gets the attention rather than the publicity-hungry “as per our sources” -sites.

    This site has always had a warm and friendly touch with users and probably that is the reason why people keep coming back, even after few quiet years 🙂

    Have a good time at Barcelona!

  • zlutor

    Jay, one item is missing from your agenda for today: blogging before goint to the party!

    Best wishes, man, the King has returned! 😉

  • Alvester

    Exciting times are back 🙂

    PS: That pic looks like a mugshot of yours 😀 Hope you don’t mind Jay.

  • Systematic Systematic

    Yeahh…. Why so surprised? Nokia almost dead but still alive after management experiments by Elop in his infinite wisdom, presenting something and dare not to invite Jay Montano? Who else in the net was keeping a torch enlightening Nokia name in the net? Frankly noone, but to feed on dying company like condors – many, many of monsters carnivores… So, the most trendsetting Nokia blog and not invited? Does Elop CEO was replaced by Monty Phyton CEO? If not – Jay Montano is to invited by default.

    Jay, how is your work negotiations? Fingers crossed.
    Will remember to ask about Nokia Sailfish OS devices? Do Nokia know there are Nokia users demanding Sailfish OS devices?
    Have fun. Make Nokia to remember about those customers that Nokia has forgotten…

    • Systematic Systematic

      And one more thing: I will not observe anything what is to be presented at MWC 17 Barcelona from Nokia anywhere else then MNB. So if Nokia want to present it to worldwide public must kindly ask Jay Montano for help, and not otherwise. And really I don’t care what insane money they want to burnt and waste like they f…d out with Windows hopeless “marketing”, it was foolsheet like cooling Sun with air-conditioning located in CEO office.
      So what will not be reported or mentioned by JM at MNB here will not exists. Nokia is to respect customers or ask M$ for next money to stay alive. The brand is one thing, but to gain again any trust – Nokia needs to deserve IMHO. And Jay will tell us is it worth or not. I wonder if you agree with me, even in part or not at all?

      • Systematic Systematic

        And my last answer to myself: where is link to life stream from the event “Monday 8:50am – Interview with Juho (Chief Product Designer)” – does Nokia felt so low that can’t provide simple live stream from important interview?
        At party they will drink for their own pleasure, but Jay Montano interview is for the World to see if Nokia has anything to say or just nothing.
        Where is this link dear Nokia? (If you would not posses good enough know-how to do it, then as competitors being there also – will provide you necessary tech&serv if Nokia would be disconnected. That would make my day tomorrow ROTFL…) Who else would like to see that interview via live stream?